WonderWomen Lunch in Jozi celebrates Women’s Month

WonderWomen Lunch in Johannesburg celebrates Women’s Month

The official launch of the “WonderWomen” network in Johannesburg took place on Wednesday the 5th of August at the Inanda Club in Sandton. This auspicious occasion hosted forty influential women from Johannesburg and Tshwane, including the likes of Ashley Hayden and PJ Powers; who sat down to a specially prepared Wonderbag lunch with Wonderbag Founder, Sarah Collins. This is the second of three “WonderWomen” lunches taking place nationally; with the initial lunch having taken place in Sarah’s hometown of Durban on the 3rd of August.
Apart from celebrating the power of women to kick off Women’s Month in August, the purpose of this gathering was to also officially launch the WonderWomen Network. Wonderbag is doing their utmost to empower all women but especially those living in very difficult and often poverty-stricken circumstances, and ultimately through a catalyst like Wonderbag – to try and affect positive change in their everyday lives.


PJ Powers, Sarah Collins & Moshy Mathe

“A WonderWoman is a defiant but dignified woman who is not satisfied with the status quo and who wants to be empowered and affect positive change. Whether that change is just within her own family, or community or even the greater world at large. Our vision is to provide WonderWomen with tools that act as catalysts to help them bring about this type of change – whether it is for economical, health or environmental reasons or to alleviate poverty and even improve their current living circumstances. We have seen first hand the power of the Wonderbag to create real change in the hands of WonderWomen across the world. Today we launched a few other WonderWorld products which also address real issues in the world and will act as catalysts for change,” stated host and Wonderbag Founder, Sarah Collins.


Ashley Hayden, Hilary Gush & Sue Nel

All the guests had a fabulous time networking at the newly redeveloped Inanda Club and enjoying their gourmet Wonderbag-cooked lunches prepared by the Jamie Oliver trained Executive Chef from Word of Mouth, Tamarin van Zyl. While guests finished their main courses, Collins took the opportunity to share her vision and educate her audience about the full spectrum of WonderWorld products (Wonderbag, Wonderworms, Wonderlight, Wonderwater and Wonderpads) available and ready to be used as catalysts for change. The ladies left the Inanda Club feeling truly inspired about the power of women to create real change and were encouraged to nominate at least two women from the emerging market that the Wonderbag team would contact to potentially set these women up as businesswomen or, as they are affectionately known by Collins, as ‘Wonderpreneurs’.
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