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WISH Online Shop Review – Buying from South Africa

Is WISH Safe to Buy From?

There seem to be more and more concerns regarding buying goods from WISH in South Africa. The most common question is, “Is WISH safe to buy from?” Our opinion says YES, but there are many factors to take into account with our answer.

The most important thing to remember before we get into all the negative aspects is that WISH is a legitimate company and they are NOT scared to refund clients, provided they have a valid claim. If their terms and conditions/refund policy is followed, you will receive a refund in the event that your online order does not arrive, is damaged, incorrect etc.

Orders Not Arriving

I have ordered various items from WISH; many of my online orders have arrived, and many have not. I have received refunds for most of the orders that have not arrived; the times where refunds were denied were a result of me not following the terms stipulated on their website. When an order does NOT arrive, you have to request a refund, credit or replacement within 30 days of the expected delivery date. If you do not, they WILL reject your claim and you will lose out.

Issues with Received Orders

The same applies to defective, damaged, incorrect etc. orders. So long as you contact WISH within 30 days of you receiving the order, you will receive a refund, replacement or credit (whichever you choose).

Contacting WISH

To open an enquiry with WISH, you need to navigate to your “Order History” page. Under each item, there is an option that says “Contact Support”. Once you click on this option, you will be prompted to answer questions relating to your order. After a series of questions, you should get your desired resolution. Find out more about requesting a refund from WISH here.

My WISH Review

I can honestly say that I am a fan of WISH. I have made and received many great purchases from them. Of late, I am finding that I am not getting notification slips from the post office to come and collect my orders. I do not blame WISH for this – I am convinced that this is an issue with the South African Postal Service. I am currently holding back on orders until I receive at least some of what I have ordered recently. I believe that there was a postal strike, which may explain the delay in my orders being delivered.

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Advantages of buying from WISH

  • Cheap
  • Wide variety of goods to choose from
  • User-friendly website and apps
  • Secure online payments
  • Good client support

Disadvantages of buying from WISH

  • Long delivery lead times (3 to 4 months)
  • Unreliable postal system
  • Clothing and shoes are too small. Even their large sizes are small…
  • Import duties are applied when you collect your order at the Post Office (this is determined by the value of your order)
  • Delivery costs are often more expensive than the item that you are buying
  • Even if you place one order of multiple goods, they still get issued separately and you have to pay import duties on each item

Questions and Answers

Just remember that AskBru is not in any way affiliated to WISH. We cannot handle enquires on your behalf– we are simply answering questions based on our experience.Here are a few questions asked about a previous article that we wrote about buying from WISH in South Africa:

Does WISH post to your postal address, or is your order delivered by a courier company?
When you signup to WISH, you need to provide a postal address. Your order is sent to your nearest Post Office, which will send you a collection note by post that notifies you that your order is ready for collection. Generally, the delivery slip will have a stamp that indicates which Post Office the parcel is at.
Are we supposed to give a postal address? I submitted a physical address…
You need to provide the address where your general post is delivered.
I want to order some clothing from WISH. What is the first step?
Firstly, you need to register on the WISH website or app. Then simply proceed with your order. Just remember that the clothing comes from China and is generally much smaller than standard South African sizes.
I want to change the size of items that I bought yesterday. How do I go about doing that?
You can only change an order if it has not been dispatched yet. You must go to your “Order History” and select “Contact Support” and follow the prompts.
I have the WISH app already, but I am scared to register my bank details. What if it is a scam? I don’t want the bank account to be cleaned out.
WISH is a legitimate company. We are also sceptical with our credit card details being on the internet. This is why we chose to rather use PayPal as it is a safer option.
What if the collection slip never arrives from the post office?
Either the package has not arrived at the Post Office or the slip is delayed. You can try contacting the Post Office for them to check manually. However, they are not always keen to help.
I have tried to get hold of them as they have misspelt my address. I do not know if my order will arrive.
If your order has already been dispatched then, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it as it is not their fault. If the order has not yet been dispatched, correct your address and “Contact Support” under your order in your “Order History” to rectify the situation.
I have not received my order after 4 months from ordering it. Can WISH be trusted?
In our option, yes, WISH can be trusted. The postal system is failing us. Remember that you can request a full refund if done so within 30 days from the expected delivery date.
Have any of you ever bought shoes from Wish? How are the sizes? Are they not too small since others are complaining about garments sizes?
As mentioned before, we tend to stay away from any clothing items. It is a risk that you must be prepared to take.
When tracking my packages it says they are in South Africa. But I went to the Post Office to check and they couldn’t find them. I haven’t received the slip. I am starting to get worried now.

Once the package lands in South Africa, it has to go through the following steps:

  • Customs
  • Main postal hub
  • Distribution hub
  • Local post office

Once the local post office has received the package, they then send a collection slip to you.

Give it chance, but also keep an eye on the expected delivery date to request a refund within 30 days, should it be necessary.

Is it possible for me to order even if I do not have a credit card?
Yes. Register for a PayPal account where you deposit funds to process online payments.
How much will the import duties cost me?
Most of the time, the cost will be determined based on the value of your order. It does seem that there is a minimum import duty cost of R24.00.
Will I get a refund on the import duties that I paid for defective or incorrect orders?
Sadly not. The import duties are governed by our countries import laws and have nothing to do with WISH.

More Questions

Feel free to make use of the comment section below should you have any more questions and we will do our best to answer. Once again, please remember that AskBru is not WISH nor do we have any affiliation to them. We can only assist you with general answers based on our experience and logic.

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