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We recently got to play with very cool wireless Bluetooth speakers. Ladies and gents, MyJozi presents to you… Drum Roll……. NudeAudio!

Gone are the days of having messy wires hanging all over the show getting in your way. Just pair your NudeAudio to your phone or tablet and then you’re good to go. It literally took me 3 seconds to do this. They do come with a wire that you can connect to a music playing device should you not have a Bluetooth device.

What stood out for me was the sound quality of the speakers. Many times when you use speakers for a phone or tablet, you get a fake tin sound coming out. This is far from the case when it comes to NudeAudio. The sound that comes out the NudeAudio speakers sounds amazing and the bass is also simply amazing.

These really nifty speakers are available from Musica & Look & Listenand their prices range between R 349.99 and R 1,499.99.

If you would like to find out more about these amazing speakers, please continue reading the press release below:

Nude Audio

Listening to music on the go will never be the same with the NudeAudio.

Gone are the days of using cables to connect sound to your speaker, whether it be from your tablet or smart phone! Now you can be anywhere and have music to your ears with ease, yet still be able to use your gadgets without interrupting your music!Nude Audio is a new audio company with founders who have deep roots in product design, fashion and audio manufacturing.

This new vibrant brand launches the Nude Audio portable speakersunder their Move Range. The range combines fashion, art and electronics while celebrating high quality sound, design and style.The portable speakers come in Bluetooth or wireless and 3 different sizes; Small, Medium and large and are designed to fit listener’s sound needs. Each speaker has an eight-hour battery life and use rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. Bluetooth wireless technology gives you the ability to connect a smartphone, tablet and most computers up to a 10m distance, allowing you to have complete control. You can also connect to ANY non-Bluetooth device via the Aux-in-socket.

The NudeAudio speakers come in a range two-way stylish colours. The colours include: Charcoal/coral and grey/mint. One of the most distinctive designs is a brightly coloured carrying cord available on all Move models, which encourages easy transport and the joys of sharing to anyone and everyone around you. As well as a thick, durable silicone sleeve that is both tactile and protective.

The Move S comes in both Bluetooth and wired. Don’t be fooled by the size as this small speaker hasbig sound for its stature and fits perfectly in your hand or pocket.The wired portable canconnect to any device via audio cable or via Aux-in socket. The Aux-in daisy chain allows you to plug in more than one speaker to multiply sound. The Bluetooth speaker uses Bluetooth wireless technology, making it more convenient to stream audio from your smart gadgets including laptop and smartphones.

Move M is the cousin of the Move S Bluetooth speaker and takes things up a notch. This speaker comes in Bluetooth Aux-In, using wireless technology as well as speaker for hands free conference calls.It has a larger acoustic chamber, so the sound is heftier. The bass-to-size ratio isincomprehensible and playing music, video, gamesor apps out loud, via Bluetooth will never be the same.

The Move L is the big daddy of the Move line with powerful drivers and a passive subwoofer as well as twin drivers enhanced bypassive radiator for room filling, bass. This speaker delivers rich, warm, balanced sound. If ease of portability is important to you then this speaker will be the greatest investment you will ever make.

“We’re thrilled to be able to put a line of fashion inspired speakers out on the market that can compete with the leading audio brands out there today at a lower cost to consumers. Bluetooth speakers are now the most popular technology format and the preferred way for people to listen to music out loud from their smartphone or tablet. The benefits are obvious as it allows the phone to stay in close proximity of the user, so they can use other functions e.g. mail or Facebook while simultaneously listening to their music.” Said the Chief Marketing Officer Tom Old.

Thanks to this incredible portable speaker you have the opportunity to share music, videos and gaming with those around you easily without having to be stuck indoors. Listening to music on the go will never be the same with the NudeAudio.

TheNudeAudio portable speakers are now available at leading retail outlets nationwide (Musica& Look & Listen) from R 349.99 to R 1,499.99.If you are a reseller, you can order directly from Phoenix Distribution by emailing or contacting the Johannesburg office at 011 592 9200 or the Cape Town office at 021 487 4640.

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