TRENDnet Wireless N Range Extender

In this day and age of wireless internet, you get to have internet wherever you are. One of the most popular places to have Wi-Fi besides at the office, is at home. But my pet hate is those spots in your house where there is no signal!

I recently got to play with a nifty gadget from TRENDnet… The TRENDnet Wireless N Range Extender.

Now I’ve had to setup a Wi-Fi range extender before and wow, it was complicated, and I am saying this as a tech savvy person. But the TRENDnet Wireless N Range Extender is far from complicated. In-fact, your parents could even set it up.

TRENDnet Wireless N Range ExtenderSetup is literally as easy as pushing 2 buttons, one of your router and one on the range extender.

I was really impressed with the simplicity and the functionality. Let Wi-Fi dead spots be a thing of the past with the TRENDnet Wireless N Range Extender.

N300 High Power Wireless N Range Extender (TEW-737HRE)

  • Powerful wireless coverage extender
  • Unit plugs directly into an electrical outlet
  • Extends the range existing wireless network
  • No CD installation required
  • Automatically adopts router’s password and encryption
  • Advanced wireless encryption for data protection

TRENDnet Wireless N Range ExtenderFor more information on TRENDnet products for home and business, visit

Recommended Retail Prices (units available in South Africa at Game and Incredible Connection stores countywide): N300 High Power Wireless N Range Extender (model TEW-737HRE): R899.99




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