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TicketPro Dome the new version of Coca Cola Dome

GCNFFIy-That awkward moment when I found myself driving to TicketPro Dome oblivious of the fact; it is the same Dome previously known as the Coca Cola Dome. On Friday, June 12 – I prepared myself for the “Clarkson, Hammond & May Live SA Tour” navigating the route using my tom-tom to arrive at the same venue formerly named Coca-Cola Dome. I was still under the impression that my destination might not be afar until I saw the overwhelming number of cars at the venue, heard the sound of car’s in excessive acceleration and then it dawned on me that I was at TicketPro dome .

TicketPro is a solely owned ancillary of Blue Label Telecoms and has fortified and attained a seven year sponsorship contractual agreement of the function auditorium best known as the dome situated at Northgate, Johannesburg. Coca Cola Dome was best recognised as a multi-purpose venue for its ever comfortable accommodation of the utmost impeccable, admirable and large scale live events in Johannesburg and has been administered over the past 12 years by the Thebe Reed Venue Management. As of the 25th of March this year, the venue undertook a name transformation and will now be branded as the TicketPro Dome.

This enthralling change will see the TicketPro dome endure a wide-spread rebranding implementation process; as well as embark on the inclusion of new access control technology which is completely managed by TicketPro. With this in place, it will enable customers that attend events conducted by TicketPro to make use of revolutionary and innovative Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which provides the root of a number of the innovations by TicketPro.

“Our use of technology will enhance the customer experience and demonstrate to consumers what value they should be expecting from their ticketing partner.” “As a result, we expect to gain greater traction in the market as well as deliver a brand new, exciting and game-change experience for South Africans,” said Werner van Reenen, CEO of SA Distribution at Blue Label Telecoms.

On Friday, June 26 I took another trip to the dome to watch the magnificent “DISNEY ON ICE”, which I must say the dome catered well for. However, in light of this event it made me realise that the seats are not of any convenience at all. I spoke to some of the event attendees and they admit to having a fabulous time but the seating lacked comfort. Moving forward TicketPro Dome has much to change and in need of a lot of improvement but I do trust that they will pull out all the stops and surely leave us amazed. Head over to the impressive TicketPro Dome website and experience a virtual enchantment and feel at home by exploring Africa’s leading events venue. You can easily Cruise through their list of various upcoming live events and so much more


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