Kempton Park Hospital Revisited

Following my first visit to The Old Abandoned Kempton Park Hospital in August 2011 I was contacted by a MyJozi reader and asked if I could accompany her and her family to the “Haunted Abandoned Hospital”. I agreed and 13 of us congregated at a shopping centre near the Kempton Park Hospital late on a recent rainy Saturday afternoon.

Wait, did I mention that it was actually storming, wet and dark?! Anyway, I went to the hospital earlier in day to arrange with the security guards on duty to let all 13 of us in… When we arrived at the hospital late that afternoon in the rain, the security guards were waiting for us, eager to receive the R50 bribe for each person that was there. R50 x 13 = R650! A nice bonus for doing nothing don’t you think?

A security guard marched us off to the mortuary and gave us his number and asked us to call him when we were done going through the hospital. We started off with taking photos in the mortuary and then wondering off into the main hospital building. At this stage it was raining hard, there was rolling thunder and it was dark and fu%king scary. I was scared the first time I went to the Kempton Park Hospital and that was during the day, this time it was dark and raining… Not a good combination!

I must admit that I was disappointed in the lack of security at the hospital. When I visited last year, I was surprised that most of the hospitals facilities were still intact. This time around the mortuary fridge draws were missing and every wash basin has been broken off and the taps stolen. How do people get away with that without the security guards noticing? The bribe is clearly more important… And they probably got a cut from the scrap metal profits.

The hospital still has a very strong hospital smell in it. It is also cold and very airy and you just expect a zombie to jump out at you any second. While we were wondering the children’s ward, we saw movement at the end of the passage. Needless to say everybody “KAK’ed” themselves! We then realised that it was only 2 other Hospital tourists.

We went from floor to floor exploring each operating theatre, taking photos, playing jokes on each other and just having a good time. I was scared and the adrenalin was pumping but it was fun. I was glad to get out of there. I went home and had a hot bath and passed out on the couch. It felt so good to be safe at home. Will I do it all again? If you asked me a week ago, I would have said “Hell No” but now after writing this article I have realised that Yes, I will do it again!

You only live once, and an experience like this is amazing!

There is a Facebook Fan page called “The Old Kempton Park Hospital” check it out. Add pics and share your stories…

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TIP’s for if you want to visit the Kempton Park Hospital:

  • Remember that the Kempton Park Hospital is private property. So being there is trespassing
  • Do not make a noise. The residents next to the hospital also do not want you there, and they will call the cops
  • Don’t use a bright torch if you are there at night, this is also a dead giveaway that you are there
  • Try go in smaller groups MAX 5 at a time
  • Be safe and watch your back. I have friends who have told me that they have bumped into rather dodgy people there
  • Enter at your own risk. It is not safe at the hospital. There are open lift shafts and many obstructions

Lastly, you can view some pics of my visit to the hospital below:

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