The Horrors of the Benoni Bunny Park

AnimalsI have fond memories of the Bunny Park, growing up in Benoni it was a destination that we often visited. Now as an adult, I am an avid animal lover and am mortified at what is going on at the Benoni Bunny Park.

It was about a year ago (June 2015) when the truth of the state of the Bunny Park hit the media. Volunteers quickly jumped in to help clean the park and feed to the animals. Over and above this, there were hundreds of bunnies who were infected with mange.

Huge “volunteer based” operations were set up to capture all the sick animals for treatment where possible. In the mean time, residents of Benoni and beyond really stood together to fight for the well being of the animals in the park as well as to keep these animals fed.

It is clear that the Bunny Park staff and management have very little knowledge when it comes to looking after animals and they have no desire to actually work for their living.

Lately, staff at the park will not even let volunteers in through service gates or grant them access to enclosures to feed the animals. The staff refuses to feed the animals and they refuse access for others to feed the animals. I often wonder if they actually want the animals to starve to death?

Very soon after this case of gross animal neglect came to group, a group was formed on Facebook called Bunny Park Animals 911 Group. The group currently stands at 1959 members! The group was formed by a very special woman by the name of Tania Forrest-Smith who has dedicated a lot of her time to help the animals of the park. Animals-3Tania and many other dedicated individuals arrange and facilitate donations of food and regular feeding sessions at the park. The dedication and work that they do is truly amazing. At the same time behind the scenes, they are also fighting a battle with the local municipality to sort out the Bunny Park staff and to ensure that the correct food is supplied and that it is supplied on a regular basis. Tania and her crew face many up hills including physical attacks on volunteers by staff members of the park. But they never let any obstacle stand in their way, they are there every day making sure that the animals are fed and that they are happy.

Another highly respected organisation that is involved in the fight against animal cruelty at the Bunny Park is Ban Animal Trading (BAT). Smaragda Louw, a director from BAT, is very involved with ensuring the well being of the animals at the park. for more information about the amazing work that they do.

There is still a lot of work to be done at the Bunny Park and the Bunny Park Animals 911 Group needs as much support as they can possibly get. If you would like to get involved, please visit the 911 group at

Show your support by joining the 911 Group, making a donation or helping out at a feeding session. Every bit helps.  The park animals need a constant supply of cabbage, spinach, carrots, sweet potato, butternut, apples, pears, mangoes, beets, pumpkin, rabbit pellets bird feed and hamster food for the guinae pigs. Any help is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to contact Tania about donations or for any additional information, you can get her on 084 601 1061 or

Become a member of Bunny Park 911 Group.

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