The history of the internet in South Africa

I was wondering about the history of the internet in South Africa and decided to do some investigations. I did not find much resources so I am not sure how accurate the details are that I found.

The first ever internet connection in South Africa was dial up email link in 1988. The link was made between Rhodes University in Grahamstown and a private home in Portland, Oregon, United States of America.

There were three people involved in the ground breaking project, Jacot Guillarmod, Dave Wilson and Mike Lawrie. The home in the US that the connection was made to was Randy Bush.

In 1989 Rhodes University started using the email link was used for communication within the campus. A about a year later other South African universities such as University of Cape Town (UCT) and the University of Natal, Durban (UND) started using email communications.

The above mentioned internet was not apart of the World Wide Web but rather a connection between the set up computers. The first dialup link was replaced with a full Internet connection in 1991 and worked on rented land lines at 9,600 bps.

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