The Gauteng Fashion Council (GFC) is now existing and operating!

gfcThe Gauteng Fashion Council (GFC) was registered on the 24th of April 2015 as a Non-Profit Organization. The GFC has been established as an industry body which is meant to serve the needs of the Fashion Industry in Gauteng.

The Founders and Board of Directors for the Gauteng Fashion Council are: David Tlale; Lesego Malatsi; Vanya Mangaliso; and JJ Schoeman.

The Vision of the GFC

The Vision of the Gauteng Fashion Council is to nurture the Fashion Design industry in Gauteng to become architects, through the African eye, of Clothing, Textile, Leather, and Footwear products to provincial, national and global communities and industries.

The Mission Statement of the GFC

The mission of The Gauteng Fashion Council, as a Non-Profit organization, is to serve the Fashion Industry within the Gauteng Province through industry facilitation and coordination with the aim of achieving the following: Co-ordinate and facilitate the development of Fashion Design skills in Gauteng to match industry requirements; Coordinate and facilitate product development through innovation; Co-ordinate and facilitate increased manufacturing of locally produced products; and Co-ordinate and facilitate access to markets for new industry participants.

The GFC is an organization which consists of the Board of Directors, representation from Provincial Government, representatives from all the 5 municipality regions in Gauteng, and 200 industry participants within the Gauteng province. The journey to establishing the GFC began with a collaboration with the Gauteng Department of Economic Development. It was through provincial government support that the Board of Directors was able to meet with the following municipalities in Gauteng: City of Johannesburg; City of Tshwane; City of Ekurhuleni; Sedibeng District Municipality; and Westrand District Municipality.

Through these partnerships that were established with local government the GFC Board of Directors held municipality roadshows with the assistance of our municipality partners. Each region in Gauteng was visited with the aim of electing Designers who have 10yrs experience in design, manufacturing, and retail to lead the GFC regional forums which were established at the roadshows. The idea behind the roadshows was to introduce the fashion design community in Gauteng to the GFC. The GFC also has a strong relationship with the South African National Fashion Council. The national body has played a critical role in making sure that the GFC is registered and functioning.

The Board of Directors has elected an Acting CEO for the GFC: Miss Francina Mmopa Ntsimane who is the main contact person in the GFC. The appointment of the Acting CEO brought immense stability into the GFC. Miss Ntsimane has managed to create a solid relationship with various stakeholders within the fashion industry in Gauteng. Moreover she played a critical role in organizing the roadshows and assisting the Directors with administration and marketing for the 5 roadshows which were held in Gauteng. The GFC currently has the following portfolios: Communication, media and PR; Manufacturing; Fashion Designers; Retail; Education and Skills Development; Labor Unions; Municipalities; and Provincial Government. The GFC also consists of a Legal and Finance portfolio and a Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee.

The GFC is currently a body where all individuals are serving with no remuneration and funding. All the work that has been done was done through the assistance of provincial and local government as well as some resources from various entities within the GFC. The GFC family must grow in terms of membership and all Fashion Industry players in Gauteng are invited to join the GFC as members of the organization and active participants where possible.

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