The Cake Artists

When creative talent and the love for delicious food meet, you know you are in for something great.This is exactly what sparked the creation of The Cake Artists: a mother-daughter duo inspired by passion and of course love.

Judy and Jhayde have combined their creative and baking talents to offer the unique product of hand painted cakes, cup cakes and biscuits. Being so passionate about what they do, this creative duo is driven to succeed.

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The Brains Behind the Baking

Judy is a trained graphic designer and Jhadye is a qualified patisserie chef. Combining their talents and experience, they have created numerous hand painted, one-of-a-kind cakes for a variety of occasions.

As both Judy and Jhayde have a creative flair, they both hand paint the cakes, offering customers a combination of techniques and styles. However passion has to come from somewhere and in this instance, both Judy and Jhayde are dedicated to he memory of their father and grandfather: Something that drives them to create such mouth watering, beautiful creations.

The Cake Artists create 100% edible cakes and goodies, so no matter how beautiful they are to look at you know that they will match in flavor.

As all their creations are unqiue, customers have free reign on what they would like included in the design. There are no limitations to this or size.

Meeting With The Client

In order to fully understand what it is the clients are looking for, there is an initial meeting that is required. During this time, a full brief is needed from the client after which, paper designs are submitted for client approval.

Once the design has been signed off, and the sponge cake flavor chosen, The Cake Artists get right to it.

The following sponge cake flavours are currently available:


Pumpkin Spice

White chocolate & Pistachio

Banana & Caramel

Pink champagne & Strawberry

Dark chocolate & Almond

Orange Valencia

Honey & Lavender



Red velvet

The Cake Artists deliver to the Greater Johannesburg and Pretoria areas only.

Contact them directly by emailing

Visit their Facebook Page: The Cake Artists

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