The Abandoned Kempton Park Hospital

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The Abandoned Kempton Park Hospital
Hospital Ward

The Kempton Park Hospital, often referred to as the “Old Abandoned” hospital, has been a subject of discussion within the community for several years. The hospital ceased operations in the late 1990s, reportedly due to being “underused” at the time.

Research indicates that the hospital officially closed its doors on December 26, 1996, with a limited staff consisting of only two part-time doctors and a small team of nurses. The reasons behind the hospital’s decline and eventual abandonment remain speculative.

Fast forward 27 years, and South Africa grapples with a shortage of healthcare facilities and quality medical services. What was once a functioning hospital now stands as an intriguing location for those interested in paranormal exploration.

A Glimpse Inside Kempton Park Hospital

Over the years, the hospital grounds have attracted thrill-seekers and curious explorers who venture in to witness the remnants of the past. The hospital’s old wards are filled with remnants of the past – dusty hospital beds, wheelchairs, incubators, medical files, and obsolete medical equipment. Unfortunately, much of this equipment has fallen victim to vandalism, rendering it unusable. Even fixtures like taps and light fittings have been stripped away, likely for salvage purposes.

The mortuary, which remains relatively intact with fridges and a body wash table, has become a notable area of interest for those seeking adventure. Regrettably, the wash table suffered damage due to vandals in later years.

Challenges and Access

The hospital’s deteriorated state has not deterred trespassers from gaining access. In earlier times, access could be obtained by paying a fee to a guard from a private security company tasked with safeguarding the premises. Eventually, the boundary fence was breached, leading to unrestricted entry. Security measures were later enhanced, including the installation of a new fence in an attempt to secure the remaining structures. While illegal visits to the hospital still occur, the presence of a new security company and reinforced fencing has reduced such incidents. It is important to note that trespassing is not only a legal violation but also poses considerable danger, as the building is structurally unstable and has been frequented by individuals with criminal intent.

Hopes for the Future

Periodically, news surfaces about potential plans to reopen or revamp the Kempton Park Hospital. Announcements of budget allocations and restoration projects have alternated with talk of demolition and new construction. The most recent information available dates back to 2022, indicating plans for a potential revival. However, no significant developments have transpired since then.

As we await potential updates, the abandoned hospital stands as a testament to its bygone significance, while its halls are now home to a multitude of pigeons. The future remains uncertain, but the intrigue surrounding the Kempton Park Hospital endures.