Takealot & Kalahari Merge

We’ve all being hearing about a merge and now we’re finally going to see it. Takealot and Kalahari’s merge is going to take affect within the next month! The website will close within the next 30 days and then Takealot will be South Africa’s biggest online retailer.

How will this merge affect you as a consumer? As we understand it, it won’t affect you at all. Instead of shopping on, you will not be shopping on for the same items. If you are a Kalahari client, your account will automatically be moved over to Takealot.

You will be able to login to your account by visiting the Takealot ‘login’ page and inputting your current Kalahari email address in the section titled ‘’Kalahari Users’’. As part of the login process you will be prompted to choose a new password for your Takealot account.

You can learn more about what information is being moved over by clicking here. If you have questions around the move you can visit the Kalahari information portal here.


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