Starbucks welcomes South Africa Today- Smell the Aroma.

Untitled13001170_257202447955709_2139713347675385759_nStarbucks is opening their doors to the South African market Today in Rosebank (Cnr Cradock and Tyrwhitt Avenue). If last Night was anything to go by then you are in for a treat, the concept and design of the store is well coordinated to cater for any character, personality and pure coffee junkie. The store is spacious and appealing enough to take a relaxing moment, have your first time ever coffee dates, complete work or study assignments and indulge in their free Wi-Fi. Why not just have coffee at home?


This is more than just an ordinary cup of coffee beans with hot water but more of a delightful coffee experience; from the perfect memorabilia to the most indulging muffins. The store will cater for unique and crafted beverages, delicious foods items and an overwhelming welcoming.

Last night various celebrities, media personalities, journalists and bloggers were introduced to the start of a new dawn for South Africa and a culture we slowly will become accustomed to. Trust that you will be served by a completely energetic and friendly staff that aims to put a smile on your face and warm up your heart in one way or another, I mean how more special can it get that they take the time to write your name on a cup with a smiley face on it.

Your drink sizes will come in Short, Tall, Grande and Venti with prices that is not that far off from their competitors within South Africa. The next Starbucks will be launching at Mall of Africa soon.

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