Shopping at SHEIN from South Africa, A Budget-Friendly Adventure

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Shopping at SHEIN from South Africa, A Budget-Friendly Adventure
Shopping at Shein

Shopping at SHEIN from South Africa

Online shopping has gained immense popularity in South Africa, and true to our nature, we’re always on the lookout for pocket-friendly deals. After the WISH frenzy gradually faded, a new player in the low-cost shopping scene emerged – say hello to SHEIN! The MyJozi team embarked on a shopping spree at SHEIN to put it to the test – from the ordering process to delivery times and import duties. Here’s what we discovered…

Our experience with Shein not only shattered our initial reservations but left an indelible mark. We can confidently affirm that SHEIN has made a lasting impression on us!

SHEIN Online Shopping Platforms

SHEIN can be accessed via their website at or by downloading their Android or Apple app. Creating an account on either platform often rewards you with a coupon or discount for your first order. Both the website and app boast user-friendly navigation, with products thoughtfully categorised. While SHEIN is primarily known as a fashion and clothing hub, their search function unveils a treasure trove of gadgets, décor items, and much more.

Our Shopping Experience at SHEIN

Our intention was to keep our shopping test budget-friendly, but our enthusiasm got the better of us, leading to a more substantial expenditure than planned. From earrings and costume jewellery to baseball caps and inflatable swimming pool toys, our cart was a diverse mix. After completing the checkout process, we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

SHEIN’s website and app provide a comprehensive order tracking feature that allows you to monitor each step of the shipping process and they keep you updated along the way!


Shipping costs were a point of concern, but our worries were swiftly alleviated. Shipping fees are determined by the value of your order:

  • Orders totalling R590 or less incur a shipping fee of R150.
  • Orders ranging between R590 and R1050 come with a shipping fee of R75.
  • Orders surpassing R1050 enjoy free shipping.

Aramex and Buffalo Logistics handle shipping to South Africa. Our order was entrusted to Buffalo Logistics, who impressed us with their communication throughout the journey. Anticipating import duties/taxes, we were pleased to receive an email from Buffalo Logistics upon the order’s arrival in South Africa, detailing the tax amount and offering secure payment options, including an EFT alternative.

Delivery Time

The highlight of our SHEIN experience was undoubtedly the swift delivery. A mere six days after placing the order, our package was at our doorstep. Residents of outlying areas might need to allow for a few additional days.

MyJozi’s Verdict

The MyJozi team unanimously agrees that the entire SHEIN shopping escapade was a delightful one. Our order encountered no hitches, arrived promptly, and the item quality was satisfactory. Most importantly, the order was received as expected.

A Few Words of Advice…

  1. Exercise caution before making payments. Never make payments through suspicious-looking email links. Ensure you’re aware of the courier company handling the import and consider verifying the payment link’s authenticity by directly contacting them.
  2. If buying clothing or shoes, double-check the sizes meticulously. Remember that these items are sourced from China, and sizing might differ. Most products include size charts; take the time to measure and order accurately.
  3. This article is based on our personal experience with SHEIN and is not sponsored. MyJozi bears no responsibility for any adverse experiences you might have with SHEIN.

Start Your Shopping Spree!

Head over to SHEIN’s website at or download their Android or Apple app to begin your shopping journey!