Severe thunderstorm is expected in Gauteng today

9 October 2017 – Storm warnings have been doing the rounds on social media this morning about expected server thunder storms coming our way. This time it is not a hoax as the warnings are coming from reputable news sources.

Storm Tips

  • If possible, park your car under cover in-case of hail
  • Delay road travel until the storm has subsided
  • If you are on the road during a heavy storm, slow down and drive with your hazard lights on to improve vehicle visibility to other road users
  • Do not cross any low-level, especially of there is a stream of water flowing over.  A stream like this can often escalate and easily sweep your car away
  • Residents living in low level / flood prone area’s, please be cautious and monitor water levels. If you live near a river, rather be safe than sorry and move to higher ground. If you have children at home or traveling from school, ensure that they are monitored and kept away from rivers or other dangerous area’s.

For more information about the current storm warnings, please visit

JHB Storm Warning

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