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RevivWith the progression of time, South Africans have become more health conscience and aware of factors that could hinder the wellness of their body. In most instances, the strains and hassles of modern life consequence in individuals being in less ideal heath standings, where we suffer from exhaustion, agitated sleep, weariness, lethargy and weight gain. Problematic symptoms like these will often cause us to be dehydrated and in short supply of fundamental vitamins and minerals, and restoring hydration and nutrients will often be effective in reducing these problems and can sometimes eliminate them altogether.

Whether you are an athlete, a scholar, in the construction or mining industry, a teacher or simply working Reviv Johannesburgan eight hour day; we all seek an effective energy boost or to feel revitalised after the completion of any project. On Tuesday the 18th of August 2015, I was invited to the Launch of global IV vitamin therapy royalty “RevivMe”. This is a first for South Africa and an expected welcome to Johannesburg (Nelson Mandela Square to be exact). It was inevitable that upon arrival one would be welcomed with healthy snacks and drinks; whilst being warmly introduced to this wellness phenomenon.

Dr. Ibrahim Moosajee

Dr. Ibrahim Moosajee

The intravenous processing of fluids and vitamins is a growing trend in wellness, a trend that is popular amongst celebrities like Rihanna, Simon Cowell, Miley Cyrus, Cindy Crawford, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rita Ora, Cara Delevinge and Madonna. IV vitamin treatment is a simple procedure whereby you would receive vitamins and nutrients directly into your veins by means of a drip (needle) inserted in your hand or arm. The intravenous distribution of fluids is the most efficient way to rehydrate the body as they are designated straight into the bloodstream. Our bodies are only able to take in 55% of vitamins and fluids taken orally but through an IV drip it is able to absorb 100% of fluids. Therefore, nutrients delivered intravenously are quickly and efficiently put into effective use as they are immediately processed and consumed.

According to Sayed Mia, the CEO of RevivMe South Africa; the treatments are designed to stay in your system for a prolonged period making you feel better, more energised, refreshed and with a bounce in your step for days rather than an instant rush of energy that leads to a burn out or a system crash.

Dr. Mohammed Moosajee

Dr. Mohammed Moosajee

If you are just like me, with a lack of patience or always on the go; you may relax – you need not worry as the IV hydration takes less than an hour (mine was probably less than 30minutes) and a booster shot is administered in seconds. The book in and check-in processes are simplified and to convenience, the medical questionnaire is thorough but rapid. The procedure is pain free and the team is meticulously trained and rest assured that needles are inserted quickly and painlessly, from here forth you able to relax while your treatment is administered.
There are 5 different options for IV hydration.

IV hydration

LeAnne Dlamini

• Hydromax: pure hydration infusion.
• Ultraviv: recovery infusion.
• Megaboost: vitamin infusion.
• Vitaglow: anti ageing infusion.
• Royal Flush: deluxe infusion.
Booster shots take just seconds to administer – but their positive effects last for days. There are 3 different shots from which to choose:
• B-12 pure energy booster
• Slimboost fit energy booster
• Glutathione body booster


Sayed Muhiuddin Mia, CEO

Sayed Muhiuddin Mia, CEO

‘I’ve lived in London the last 15 years and heard of Reviv at MGM Grand in Vegas. I thought this will be a perfect concept for South Africans being a health conscious nation and also taking pride in the way we look and feel. IV treatments are the future of wellness. People are increasingly realizing the benefits of replenishing and reviving their systems with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants to help reduce the time consuming recoveries from stress, fatigue, hangovers, illness, jetlag and general exhaustion. The treatments are extremely safe. We do a medical examination first before any IV’s are administered to understand the condition of the client. We adhere to strict protocols throughout the process and the IV’s are administered by professional nurses and doctors. Due to the fact that we have a very high rate of repeat clients, which demonstrates the effectiveness of the treatments, so we must be doing something right,’ said Sayed Muhiuddin Mia, CEO.

If need be, consult your GP, compile your own research and make sure that you ask all the right questions. Always be well informed. Love your life – start making changes today and let healthy living become your new lifestyle.

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