R24 to collect WISH Orders in South Africa

The team at MyJozi have been fans of buying from WISH for almost a year now and wow, things have changed.

I do not know if we have fully trusted buying high value items through WISH but we had absolutely no issues buying the smaller cheaper “rubbish” things. In the beginning, if we had to pay import duties, it was a small amount. Most of the time, we never had to pay a cent.

But, how things have changed! It seems as if the South African Post Office has got GATFOL with the millions of small packages coming from China and decided to make money out of the whole deal. They are now charging R24 “Import Duties” on EVERYTHING! We find this really unfair and this is why…

Usually, import duties are charged according to the value of your purchase. This value is reflected on the postage package. It seems as at first they got lazy and never charge a thing on low value items. Now with them charging R24 on everything, you get done in when you buy low value items and end up paying R24 to collect the item even if you paid R10 to purchase that item.

A disadvantage with buying from WISH, you can purchase multiple items at once and they ship everything individually. Therefore, you have to pay the R24 import duty on each item.

The Hype of WISH in South Africa

A few months back, the concept of buying from WISH was highly popular and sadly, due to a greedy Post Office, this hype has died! We pay for postage anyway, so they are already making money from us, but that is not enough! They simply want more as the rush of WISH has made them work more!

I personally do not mind being charge import duties but keep it fair, charge according to the value of your purchase. I really have a problem paying R24 at the Post Office for an item that I only paid R10 for…

We would love to get your feedback on this… Please share your thoughts below.

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