PYLONES createur d’objects a Paris

web-visual-univers_1382452446413_Pylones_VISUEL_VEGETALThe most exciting and innovative gift store has finally opened up its doors in Sandton City after being in Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront for two years. It is strategically placed in such a way that when you approach it from either direction of the mall you are able to spot the store, not that one could miss it because it is full of colour and extremely bright with a warm inviting atmosphere.

The launch of Pylones which was held on Wednesday, April 20th was quite the learning experience in that they honestly have designer gifts suitable for individuals that already have everything. They served champagne with breakfast delicacies; the guys responsible for bringing this franchise to our shores and most recently to our city introduced us to Pylones explaining the rich history behind its formations.

A tour around the store reveals that they house over 2,500 different items, prices ranging from R4.99 – R3,000 each visit promises a different experience. This store is easily the most colourful store in the whole of Sandton City and trust there is nothing distasteful about the use of colour as it is psychologically developed to release happy hormones – as the original founders dream was to make people happier and what better way than to turn everyday items into magical objects.

The shop is fitted with architectural designs approved by the headquarters in Paris to display a south African feel. Such as the use of tin barrels used by most local chesa nyamas as table tops, this goes to show that Pylones (pronounced peeh-lone by the way) has a place in the south African market. With another store due to open in the newly built Mall of Africa, this exclusive yet reachable brand is set to be a household or office favourite in the city.

The staff are well equipped to deal with any request brought to them and they deal with customers in a friendly professional manner that is evidence of the culture upheld by the brand. The owners of Pylones South Africa, Barry Berman and Jonathan Zukerman have a history of magnetic mini cylinders and balls that were sold at various chain stores but now they have their own brand BAJO which is the first two letters of their first names combined.

BAJO items such as luggage tags, wallets, traditional telephones that connects to your phones and above mentioned magnetics can be found in store. You probably wondering what kind of items they house well, its ranges from appliances, to stationery, gadgets, toys, jewellery and much much more. Basically, your days of gift searching are over – whatsoever you think of is available at Pylones but in a way you never thought it could be presented this is due to the rich cultural reference that underlines most of Pylones objects that aims to illuminate the magic in the space that such items are placed.

Article by Shisha M.

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