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Over the past year or so, the concept of online shopping from cheap Asian websites has become very popular.

Various websites have popped up including Wish, BangGood, AliExpress and of course Joom.
There are many articles doing the rounds about online shopping at these stores and naturally, people moan about their shopping experiences. Some say that they customer service is bad, other don’t like the long delivery times and some have issues that some of the sites have different names but at the end being the same company (Unconfirmed).

At the end of the day, it is your choice to use these sites. If you want to use them then you need to be prepared to deal with the disadvantages of buying from an overseas website in a country where English is far from their first language.

Ordering from Joom in South Africa

MyJozi has firsthand experience with buying goods from Joom and we were rather impressed. They have a great website platform at as well as a well-built mobile app that can be found for Android users at or Apple users at

If we can offer the public one piece of advice about buying from Joom, it would be… DO NOT BE IN A HURRY!

Joom is quick, they dispatch your order within a day or two of the order being placed. The slow part in the entire process is the international postal system and the South African postal service. When checking out, Joom states an estimated delivery date. Ignore this date completely! In-fact, add an extra month or so to that date.

Also be prepared for a huge language barrier should you make an enquiry with them. We are pretty sure that Google Translate is used to translate enquires into Chinese and then their reply gets converted back into English. As a result, responses are often hard make understand.

If an item is not received and you are patient with the correspondence, you will ultimately get a refund.

With that said… Enjoy shopping at Joom! Please note that MyJozi has NO affiliation to Joom.

PS. If you wanted to do Christmas shopping on Joom, you may be too late!

Joom Online Shopping

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    • Hi Siva… We have had cases where we are charged and more often than not, we are not charged. Depends on what customs decides.

  • Advice please.
    What would be the best address to give when ordering at Joom? Am worried that they might get delivered when am not there. What is the process once they get in SA, how will I get the order and do you sign for your delivery?

  • Ohh…

    I have bit of problem. When I made the order it showed me that the goods will be delivered between 15 and 45 days and now it says they will be delivered in no more than 75 days.

    • Delivery dates are not accurate. Sometimes out orders arrive is record time, other times it takes 4 or 5 months. It is a waiting game sadly.

  • Hello

    I just made an order to the address am currently at but I will soon move out to a different location and am afraid that the order may arrive in my absence so I added both addresses(current and the feature one) to my order. Which Adress will joom deliver my order to?

    • Hi Thabo. This is a difficult one. I would imagine that Joom will use the primary address that you supplied. The parcel does not get delivered to your address but rather a collection slip from the post office. I would chat to the people who is going to move into your old home and ask them to keep a look out for the slip for you and check in with them from time to time.

      Other than that, I can’t think of a better suggestion.

  • I have placed an order in August to South Africa they don’t
    Know where is the order and they can’t refund me the whole amount. I will never buy from them.

  • These people are shady as BEEEEEEP! I ordered the jacket I paid, I waited 75 days it didn’t come and I have received my refund so I’d say people don’t order or buy from them

  • I have put in order into joom as yet i have not received my order I am very disappointed they have taken my money out my bank account what i do now

  • Hi
    I have bought stock on numerous occasions from Joom, and only once was my stock not delivered- but I was refunded within two weeks.
    Yes its a waiting game, but at the end its worth it.
    However I did not buy clothing yet, but other stock.- bearing in mind when ordering (in RSA), to add in ‘Import taxes’ with your amount, it is about R25- with that in mind when ordering make sure its worth it- however Joom has a huge variety to choose from.

    Thanks Joom for your service.


  • Good afternoon i bought a slipper from here online.,and at first the price was 18 euro .WHy then the same one i saw it 22 on another page.i paid 4 euros more

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