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Online Shopping at Wish from South Africa

Online shopping is certainly no longer a foreign concept to most South Africans. It’s a service that thousands of consumers use on a daily basis. However, in true South African style, we tend only to buy from online stores that are familiar to us such as takealot and bidorbuy. We know that local is lekker but it seems that many consumers are looking beyond South African shores and importing their online retail fix from directly from China!

A few Chinese retail stores have popped up such as BangGood and Joom but the most popular in our opinion is Wish (www.wish.com).

Can Wish be trusted?

Our experience says YES! The following information is based on the experience of the MyJozi crew.

We decided to place a small order to test the service out and ordered a wireless cell phone charger and a tempered glass screen protector for a cell phone. A few weeks later, the tempered glass screen protector arrived directly to our post box and we received a collection notice from the post office for the wireless cell phone charger. Both items were received in a perfectly good working condition. Best of all, with delivery fees we paid less than R100,00 for both of these items.

We then lost the plot a little and ordered various gadgets and toys to the value of just over R800.00 and everything that we ordered arrived!

Disadvantages of buying from Wish

Delivery Time

Ordering from Wish does take time… A lot of time! We waited on average 2 MONTHS for each item ordered. So if you are in a rush to receive your order, don’t use Wish or any of the other mentioned Chinese websites.

Import Duties

We don’t “get” the import duties. Sometimes you pay but most times, we didn’t. If you do, it is a minimal fee based on the value of your order. We never paid more than R26.00 for a single item.

Single Item Delivery

The biggest irritation for us after the long delivery time is that fact that they ship everything that you order, individually. So, if you order 10 items, you will end up running to the post office 10 individual times to collect your order/s.

Clothing Items

We have not bought any clothing items but we have been warned against it. We hear that the clothing items are far smaller than usual. This is a normal and known issue with clothing items from China. (Chinese people are small)

Advantages of buying from Wish

It’s Cheap

Most of the items that you find on wish is CHEAP and sometimes even FREE. The only catch is the delivery fee, especially for the “Free” items. But in the bigger picture of things, the delivery fee is actually minimal.

Large Variety

Wish provides an almost limitless amount of products to choose from. You name it, you will probably find it.

Display Currency

Wish picks up that you are shopping from South Africa and as a result, the product prices are displayed in Rands (ZAR).

Secure Payments

Payment can be made with a credit card and if you do not want to part with your credit card details (like us) then you can make a PayPal payment.

Returns / Replacements / Refunds

We have not had to return any item to wish or needed a replacement but we hear that Wish have no issue with refunds and product replacements where and when necessary and within good reason.

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MyJozi is not advertising Wish in any way, shape or form. We are merely sharing our experience based on our experience with Wish.

If you would like to explore the world of Wish, visit www.wish.com or download their app from your relevant App Store (Apple & Android).

Share Your Wish Experience

Don’t only take our word for it. Do your own research before ordering from Wish. If you have any feedback based on your experience with shopping on Wish, feel free to leave a comment below.

PS. If you planning to do Christmas shopping on Wish, best you get your orders in by the end of September… Just to make sure that your order arrives in time!

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  • Decided to use Wish.com after hearing decent-to-good things about it. Ordered 4 items at the beginning of August. Still waiting for them to arrive but at least they’ve been in SA for a few weeks now. It’s best to just forget about it until it arrives.

    • Hi Milie, thanks for the comment. Sadly, the delays are not on Wish’s side. You can see from your tracking that they dispatch fairly quick. The issue is the international postal system and our local postal system. With that said, our orders continue to trickle in…

        • You get a notification from the Post Office “Collection Slip” and then you take the notification slip to the Post Office and get your parcel. We have had a few smaller items arrive directly in our post box.

  • I have the same problem. The first time I ordered staff, I got them with delay, but got them. The second time, I am waiting since July, but …
    I’m not sure we can trust in your company.
    I have another order that should arrive in November. Let’s see…
    If I will not get them, I will hsve to post the problem with your company on Facebook.

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