Online Shopping at WISH in South Africa

Online Shopping from WISH South Africa

Online shopping is certainly no longer a foreign concept to most South Africans. It’s a service that thousands of consumers use on a daily basis. However, in true South African style, we tend only to buy from online stores that are familiar to us such as takealot and bidorbuy. We know that local is “lekker” but it seems that many consumers are looking beyond South African shores and importing their online retail fix from directly from China!

A few Chinese retail stores have popped up such as BangGood and Joom but the most popular in our opinion is WISH (

Can WISH be trusted?

Our experience says YES! The following information is based on the experience of the MyJozi crew.

We decided to place a small order to test the service out and ordered a wireless cell phone charger and a tempered glass screen protector for a cell phone. A few weeks later, the tempered glass screen protector arrived directly to our post box and we received a collection notice from the post office for the wireless cell phone charger. Both items were received in a perfectly good working condition. Best of all, with delivery fees we paid less than R100,00 for both of these items.

We then lost the plot a little and ordered various gadgets and toys to the value of just over R800.00 and everything that we ordered arrived!

Disadvantages of buying from WISH

Delivery Time

Ordering from WISH does take time… A lot of time! We waited on average 2 MONTHS for each item ordered. So if you are in a rush to receive your order, don’t use WISH or any of the other mentioned Chinese websites.

Import Duties

We don’t “get” the import duties. Sometimes you pay but most times, we didn’t. If you do, it is a minimal fee based on the value of your order. We never paid more than R26.00 for a single item.

***Update*** It seems that the post office is now charging R24.00 per package no matter what the value is. I find this unfair as many of the items I purchase do not even cost R24 with delivery!

Single Item Delivery

The biggest irritation for us after the long delivery time is that fact that they ship everything that you order, individually. So, if you order 10 items, you will end up running to the post office 10 individual times to collect your order/s.

Clothing Items

We have not bought any clothing items but we have been warned against it. We hear that the clothing items are far smaller than usual. This is a normal and known issue with clothing items from China. (Chinese people are small)

WISH Orders Not Arriving

This is an update point. Lately, we are not receiving any order from WISH. Although a pain, we just follow the steps in the above mentioned point to request a WISH Refund.

Advantages of buying from WISH

It’s Cheap

Most of the items that you find on WISH is CHEAP and sometimes even FREE. The only catch is the delivery fee, especially for the “Free” items. But in the bigger picture of things, the delivery fee is actually minimal.

Large Variety

WISH provides an almost limitless amount of products to choose from. You name it, you will probably find it.

Display Currency

WISH picks up that you are shopping from South Africa and as a result, the product prices are displayed in Rands (ZAR).

Secure Payments

Payment can be made with a credit card and if you do not want to part with your credit card details (like us) then you can make a PayPal payment.

Returns / Replacements / Refunds

We have not had to return any item to WISH or needed a replacement but we hear that WISH have no issue with refunds and product replacements where and when necessary and within good reason. Read more about Requesting a WISH Refund.

Reminder: You have to request a refund within 30 days of the estimated delivery date or they will NOT process the refund.

Visit WISH Now

WISH Online Shopping

MyJozi is not advertising WISH in any way, shape or form. We are merely sharing our experience based on our experience with WISH.

If you would like to explore the world of WISH, visit or download their app from your relevant App Store (Apple & Android).

Share Your WISH Experience

Don’t only take our word for it. Do your own research before ordering from WISH. If you have any feedback based on your experience with shopping on WISH, feel free to leave a comment below.

PS. If you planning to do Christmas shopping on WISH, best you get your orders in by the end of September… Just to make sure that your order arrives in time!

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  • Decided to use after hearing decent-to-good things about it. Ordered 4 items at the beginning of August. Still waiting for them to arrive but at least they’ve been in SA for a few weeks now. It’s best to just forget about it until it arrives.

  • I have the same problem. The first time I ordered staff, I got them with delay, but got them. The second time, I am waiting since July, but …
    I’m not sure we can trust in your company.
    I have another order that should arrive in November. Let’s see…
    If I will not get them, I will hsve to post the problem with your company on Facebook.

    • I am sitting with the same problem. I contacted the customer support a few days ago and last night they responded to say that they cannot refund me because 30 days has elapsed since the expected delivery date yet I kept notifying the App the delivery has not yet arrived. I am still awaiting the order and not interested in the refund.

    • Hi Winnie. We are not Wish and we do not have any affiliation to them. You will have to contact them directly from their website for any enquiries.

      • Hi how does one contact Wish have been trying for an email address or phone number as their shoe sizing is American difficult to order. Please help many thanks Lis Kenyon

  • Hi Emily also use wish and quiet frankly I’m addicted… your details are safe as my bank soft locked my card because of too many orders of small amounts and 1 phone call solved it now since my bank soft locked some items didn’t pull through and now wish wants has locked my banking details till I can prove it’s mine with ID and bank statement… they safe and care about customers

  • I bought staff from this shop with on the 11th of September 2017. I am still waiting. I wonder if this people are trusted.

    • Just hang in there. It does take a while and the delay is not on their side. It is the postal system that you have to reply on. We have got everything we ordered and it has taken up to 3 months to receive some of our stuff.

  • I’ve placed my order in August, received a call from the post office to confirm address.
    I received the call last week Tuesday, its now a week later and I am still waiting for my parcel.
    Does your parcel come with a tracking number?
    The post office is useless, can you not use a more reliable courier company. I am NOT happy!!

    • Hi Glenda. Generally they use DHL tracking for high value items. If not, then no tracking at all. But if the post office phoned you, that is a good sign. Their collection slips go in the general postal system. So give it a few more days. I once went to my local Post Office and gave them my name and address and they looked in the back room if they could find anything for me. So worse case, you can also do that. If that still does not work, then they also generally send a 2nd notice.

      • Clothing and shoes come in different sizes from store to store. The seller usually has a guide on yhe last page of the pictures. We (SA) usually go for UK sizes. If you select from Eastern sizes be careful e.g. SA Size 6 is European size 39 and Eastern size 40.

  • got this message below so I should wait for the slip from post office or just go there?

    20 Oct 2017 – In transit-arrived at destination country

    • Hi Nomfundo. It still takes a while from that point. The package still needs to clear customs, then it gets transported to central handling, then to your closest depot and only then to your post office. You can try your luck but it is not a guarantee.

      Kind Regards, Dale

  • Wish is a scam. My son bought from them using my bankcard. Later they tried to make more deductions from my account, and I just had to pay. Luckely I am with a good bank. They stoped all the payments that was tried to be made. I changed my banking detail. Will nevet use this corrupt supplier again. Be carefull people. Check your bank statements!

  • I work at Momentum in Centurion as a Consultant from another Company, so I added the Momentum Physical address as delivery address. They don’t have any of the parcels and SAPO Centurion says the tracking numbers are not valid. Would they send the pick up slip to Momentum / Business Address or should I keep going back to SAPO? I did not specify my ID number on any of the orders…how else would I be able to track or find these?

    Unfortunately made the mistake of ordering like 30 items 🙁

      • Just a quick note. If you are given a tracking number, that number will change when it reaches SA. So you need to contact the Post Office (look at their FB page for the email, or ask on their FB page), send an email with the tracking number and request the new SA tracking number. Then you will be able to track in SA.

    • Tricky one. We received parcels at ex employee before and the slips arrived at the company. Just give your reception the heads up in-case. Alternatively, ask the Post Office to check under your name and address. Also, give it time, we are still receiving things that we ordered in June!

    • Hopefully, your slips will be sent to your office. Our were. Alternatively, ask you Post Office to check for you under the given address and your name.

  • Hi , when tracking my packages it says they are in South Africa, and this was 20 September. But I went to the Post Office to check and they couldn’t find them. And I haven’t received the slip. Am starting to get worried now.

    • Hi Lineo. Once it hits South Africa, it has to go through customs, then to the main postal hub, then it gets distributed to your city, then to your local post office then only a slip will be sent you. I know it seems long, but 20 September is recent. Give it chance.

  • Just a quick note. If you are given a tracking number, that number will change when it reaches SA. So you need to contact the Post Office (look at their FB page for the email, or ask on their FB page), send an email with the tracking number and request the new SA tracking number. Then you will be able to track in SA.

  • South Africans be aware. The Post office is now charging a R24 per item fee for Wish items due to the volume of packages! I am stuck as I have already ordered about 15 more items and now face having to fork out an additional fee per item. Wish is responsible for the Post office implementing this fee solely and should make customers aware of this immediately.

    • We collect deliveries on a regular basis and have never experienced this. The only time we ever had to pay in is for charged import duties.

  • I ordered 3 items from WISH. 1st was supposed to have been delivered by the 13th October – not received yet. Second was meant to be delivered on the 20th, which after using another tracking site, seems to be in Malaysia. And all you get are automated responses!!

  • Hi

    My parcel was suppose to arrive next week. i have been trying to track in the south African couriers, but then the tracking tracking number it shows that its in valid.

    How is that possible i need help quickly.
    My parcel tracking number is 11 digit numbers, is this right?

    • Unfortunately, I am not sure how the calculation is done. Most of the time we are not even charged customs… You may be lucky.

    • Hi Nicole… Yes 🙂 It will come. The South African postal service is really slow. I would even go as far to say that give it a month or two after. If it does not come, request a refund… That is exactly what we did yesterday on 3 items and we already got a refund today.

  • Placed an order on 9 August which is a birthday present for my daughter on 3 January. I’m still waiting! When I enquired about the status of my order 2 weeks ago Wish staff cancelled my order and refunded me. That’s not what I asked for. I wanted my order!!! Not impressed. Still waiting on another item too which was also ordered on 9 August 2017.

  • I ordered a pair of shoes more than 2 months ago which finally arrived last week and 2 sizes too small. How and where do I return these to get my correct size. Also is it going to cost me more money now cost although I had paid R24 for shipping, I had to pay an additional R24 to collect them.

    • Hi Farida. Please know that MyJozi has no affiliation to WISH. But from our past experience, you just need to log a query with them (you can do this from in your order history on the app or the website) and they should refund you without having to send the shoes back. We hope you come right.

  • @MyJozi. Thank you so much for the effort you put into this post and your conscientious and helpful responses. I’m a newbie and hence a tad dubious. Therefore, really happy that I stumbled on your blog. Have a great New Year and be blessed. 🙂

  • Hi i tried to order some goods from wish but the problem is it didnt want to take my debit card details it keeps declining i tried a other card aswel but stil not working so i was wondering if u guys can help by letting me know how i can make an easy and safe payment.thanks

  • STOP! A FRAUD! I only ordered a small amount as a ‘test’ before placing a large order. NO NO NO! They do NOT ship the brand they say they do – it is a rip-off. STOP- DO NOT ORDER FROM WISH. They substitute no-brands for what they say they ship! Pay the full amount and order from a reputable company – NOT FROM WISH!

  • Hey for some reason you guys stop me from making anymore buy can you please help me a message comes up saying click contact support

    • It is real… it could still arrive, maybe its “Lost” if its lost, it is probably the SA postal service that lost it. Wish will refund you.

  • Hi there!

    If I ordered and gave a P.O. Box number for postage – do I still pay the R24-00 handling fee at the post office? Thanks!

    • Hi Louis, this is a risk that you have to take up with them. We have ordered in bulk twice and items arrived (20 pieces each). But now the post office is also charging R24 per package to collect…

  • I recommend that you do not buy into Wish because the products do not usually arrive, or when they arrive it is defective or not quite what you ordered. They do not pay the refund and if they pay it is less than what you paid for the product. I speak from personal experience, just annoyances, spread it so that other people do not fall into this blow.

  • Hi, I have ordered quite a few things from Wish, the pants I ordered did not arrive at the stipulated time, I wrote Wish a message and they answered me with in a day. They offered to send me a new pants and if I then still receive the first package it is my score, or I could choose a refund, I opt for the pants and received them. there is some clothing brands on Wish witch is very good quality and some which is bad quality.

  • Hey….i want to purchase some items at Wish but I do not have a credit card so how will I be able to pay for the items I’ve bought?

  • I ordered a few times from Wish. Good quality items. Clothes are small, but you learn quickly. Took up to 3 months for delivery, yes, but worth the waiting. R24/parcel, yes, but also still worth, for prices are very low. I love Wish shopping

    • Hey i see you have an experience with wish…On the shipping they require my P.O box number or Postal code for the post office?

  • How can I get hold of wish?? Allot (14) of my orders, I did not receive, way after delivery dates. I’m getting impatient. I’m not ordering anything any more. Thanx you ppl for this site!!

    • Totally concur, I have 15 orders outstanding and getting refunds at a much lower exchange rate………. Apologies but this wish is totally crap compounded with BULLSHIT !!!

  • Hey im 18 years old and i want to purchase something for my friend…on the Shipping detail of the wishapp…on the (Zip/postal code) block…should i fill in the address of the post office or my parents post office box number?…

    Thank you

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