Old Kempton Park Hospital to be demolished and rebuilt

I have been an eager follower of the old Kempton Park hospital that has been deserted since December 1996.

Since 1996 when the Kempton Park Hospital closed down, it has been the venue for many ghost hunts and keen adventurers gaining access to the facility through bribing the security staff looking after the property.

Old Kempton Park Hospital
Up until recent years, there was still working hospital equipment such as incubators standing around in the dark and dormant hospitals rooms. It is said that this equipment was removed and revamped to be used in other hospitals.

This week, the Gauteng MEC for health, Qedani Mahlangu indicated that a new hospital will be built on the same site as the old hospital and that work is due to start in 2017. The ultimate goal is to relieve pressure from the very busy Tembisa Hospital.

I personally don’t understand why the current building can’t be revamped. Surely, that would work out a whole lot cheaper. I have been in the current deserted hospital and if you ignore the filth and graffiti painted walls, it is an impressive building. Can’t they simply gut the building to a shell and then put it back together from there?

Kempton Park Hospital
With that said, I am not complaining that finally it seems like something is going to happen and Kempton Park will have a much needed public hospital. Let us just hope that this is not another empty promise from our government.

Visit our article that was written after we visited the hospital in June 2011.

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