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Ready, Set, Glow! On Saturday, May 16th, 2015 the spectacular “Neon Run” took over the streets of Jozi and embraced individuality to fully package a full-on entertainment event. Neon Run SA presents itself to be a “wild and crazy 5KM NEON experience! This event is less about speed and more about enjoying the NEON lifestyle and NEON party!” Its ultimate goal is to Create South Africa’s most unique Neon Race Series and establish a Neon Nation!

Johannesburg hosted the neon run at the Wanderers Stadium and attracted thousands of people. The crowd was filled with people from different ethnicity’s but all upholding the same vision and being in the sport of things by dressing up and merely embracing the moment. Once inside, you were most definitely guaranteed to be satisfied as there were enough activities to keep you busy. Mitsubishi Motors kept people occupied with their “Sync it mirage” promotion; where individuals had to get in one of the cars and take a video of themselves singing to a favorite song of their choice and then upload it on Instagram in order to stand a chance of winning one of the selected prizes.

The excitement kicked in as soon as the run started; with many walking, some running as if they were in a marathon and others taking a steady paced jog. The cool thing about the route on which the run took place is that it was well courted off, it had about 3 or more music stops on the way, the security and individuals providing assistance brought about comfort, it had a water stop and the start and finish line had these colorful arches that illuminated the atmosphere. Neon run 2015 sure did have its fair share of out of the ordinary entertainment; from spotting individuals in colorful wigs, to men in colorful tutus. We spotted a really, really tall man to a man dressed up as the marvel character “Flash” it all sure was a lot of fun.

The event catered well for great food stalls, drinking stalls, neon paint stalls, having fun with “Medal Paints” and their t-shirts, a side gym, neon bands, glow sticks, entertainment, chill section and so much more. The entertainment line up according to neon run SA “Nick Hamman – MC, Vic Naidoo, Roger Goode, DJ Fresh, Chris Taylor, MiCasa, GoodLuck, Desmond and the Tutus , Rubber Duc, Grassy Spark, Iscream and the choc stix, The illustrators and others.”

With all great events, there’s always that minor flaws that should always be addressed to improve on it for future events. In this case, the gates did not open at 3pm as advertised and once you arrive at the point where your tickets are checked the bar-code on the ticket is not scanned and you are left to put on the wrist band yourself. After the 5km run was completed, arm wrists were not checked to see if people are a part of the event or trying their luck to get in.

Overall, this year hosted the best neon run by far and it feels like an event that should occur monthly as means of connecting people, building up Joburg and uniting the solidarity of a nation to keep fit and enjoy the company of people who share the same interest as us or don’t.NEON

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