Mystic India an explosion of Colour and energetic artistic dancers!

Expect-a-Bollywood-style-spectacular-bar-none-420x210The love I have for a good Indian story, the culture, the tradition, the value of respect and utmost entertainment of their shows are impeccable. Last night we were introduced to an India that some of us has not formally been acquainted with but got a taste that was so tempting that you feel like jumping on the stage and joining the festivities. Mystic India is in South Africa  and after a stellar performance in Durban they are now taking over Johannesburg at the Teatro Montecasino.

The production intertwines a mesmerising combo: Traditional India meets the urban streets of Mumbai and New York. It is hip and trendy with all the glitter and bling to make it an all-out sensory sensation. This feast showcases Bollywood at its finest and audiences can brace themselves for an explosion of colour and energy.

The show unfolds with close to 750 costume changes, electrifying visual effects, thee most energetic dancers and an informative background on India as we know it today. The celebratory production is directed and choreographed by the prominent choreographer and production master, Amit Shah, and produced by US-based AATMA Performing Arts, of which Shah is the founder and creative director.

There were only two things i listed that could probably engage the audience more and that would be if they done away with the narrator and considered live singing. A story-line would have been more appealing for me and would have enlightened me more. Furthermore the show is worth the watch and make sure to take the entire family with you and dress in your finest Indian attire.

This larger-than-life Bollywood extravaganza will run at the Teatro Montecasino from the 29th April to 1st May 2016.  Tickets range between R185 and R485 and will be available through Computicket (www.computicket.com) and its various retail outlets.

In association with Zee TV.

For more information, visit http://www.mysticindiatheshow.com/

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