Huawei launches Huawei Mate S in Johannesburg

Huawei-Mate-S-ufficialeJohannesburg get a piece of this for your tech sensation. Huawei adds an ongoing glitter effect at its auspicious recent event, Huawei unveiled its latest jewel of a smart phone, Mate S, coordinated at The Park, Hyde Park.

Huawei-Mate-S-launch-in-South-AfricaOn Thursday the 5th of November 2015, Huawei took the crowd by storm once again. Creativity and innovation seems to be child’s play for Huawei.  Theioli evening was star-studded; prestigious media personalities, famous celebrities, fashion icons and high ranking bloggers adorned the event with their presence. There was a series of electrifying and captivating music and dance performances. Surprise guests and Award-winning Music icon, Zolani Mahola won over the audience with her sweet voice.

The star of the evening, Mate S and MediaPad M2 were put up on exhibit on the stalls, so that the honoured guests could have a first-hand experience of these, elegantly crafted smart devices. The launch event was further escalated with the series of entertainment programs and engaging activities.

“The Mate S is designed for the stylish and for the invincible. It is the ideal companion that will touch your life in such a way that you’ll never know how you got through a day without it.” says Charlene Munilall, General Manager, Huawei Consumer Business Group, South Africa

The Mate S has definitely escalated from the P8; with features that can’t help but feel like Huawei knows how to satisfy their customers. The phone’s key feature is the incredible Force Touch Technology, which allows you to easily facilitate different actions like zooming in when taking a photo or launching an app simply by applying a different level of pressure to the screen. Touch is taken further with the introduction of Knuckle Sense 2.0, introduced in the Huawei P8 and now even better.

PARIS - COCO CHANEL“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only, Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Coco Chanel.

A phone that feels like a match made in heaven. Want to explore your Creativity; Be it video, photography or simply allowing your inner thoughts to expressed on a platform – The Huawei Mate S is for you!

The Mate S is available from all the leading cellular networks in South Africa.


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