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Secret Sunrise has been a buzz on social media for the last few months and I really got to know more following a recent segment about the event on Mnet’s Carte Blanch.

So what is Secret Sunrise?

Secret Sunrise is a gathering of individuals who are not scared of radical self expression, movement, love, connection…

What does this mean? Well, Secret Sunrise venues are kept a secret until 24 hours before the event which happens every 2 weeks. This allows you just enough time to plan your time and a possible crazy outfit… On the day of the event you will receive a set of Bluetooth headphones and then you dance, move, jump up and down and just let loose without any prejudice.

Sounds like crazy fun!


Where is Secret Sunrise held?

This is what makes it fun… The venue is also a secret until 24 hours before the event! Venues are typically on rooftops, parks, parking lots and other interesting spots.
Venues are launched through Facebook.

How do you participate?

Participants are encourages to book beforehand on the Secret Sunrise Facebook fan page or directly through

But I can’t make it to a sunrise event!

No problem! Secret Sunset is being launched in 10 June 2016 at Constitutional Hill. Visit for more information.

What other cities can I find a Secret Sunrise event?

Secret Sunrise is currently active in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Durban, and London! Find more details about each venue at

Secret Sunrise contact details





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