Hand Soap and Hand Sanitiser

Hand Hygiene has always been important. Recent times, the importance of hand hygiene has been highlighted globally. Washing your hands and keeping them sanitised (germ-free) is exceptionally important. It can save your life!

Should you use Hand Soap or a Hand Sanitiser?

In short, you should be using both Hand Soap and a Hand Sanitiser. Washing hands is important, but in reality, one cannot wash their hands as frequently as required to keep germs away. It is ideal to use a hand sanitiser in-between washing hands.

Scenario 1: Wash your hands before preparing food, sanitise your hands while preparing the food and before dishing up or eating.

Scenario 2: Wash your hands before leaving for school or work, sanitise your hands when you get to work or school. If making use of public transport, sanitise your hands during the trip.

Many scenarios can be used, but in short, wash your hands as often as possible and sanitise them in-between washes.

How should hands be washed?

We understand that the concept of washing hands is easy enough, right? Or is it?

Correctly washing your hands is just as important as washing them, but many of us do not realise that a quick wash may not be good enough. View the video demonstration below that shows the distribution of soap on your hands when you wash them.

What hand soaps and sanitisers should be used?

We understand that in current times, it may be hard to find a specific brand or soap or sanitiser. Hand Soap and Hand Sanitiser suppliers are working around the clock to meet demands. Try your best to find an antibacterial soap where possible and an alcohol-based hand sanitiser. If you cannot find your desired choice, make use of what you can get. Antibacterial soap is helpful, but not a necessity. Any hand or bath soap will do just fine. As long as you wash your hands correctly and frequently, you are already reducing the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses to yourself and others.

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