Gossip 101: Castle Lite Republic of Extra Cold

Twins On Deck

Twins On Deck


Castle Lite unlocked an extraordinary experience for its citizens on  Saturday 11 July 2015 at its country, The Republic of Extra Cold.

Following the massive success of The Embassy Event with an all local line up hosted by Nomuzi Mabena and Toll A$$ Mo at Nasrec Expo Centre on 27 June; The brand exclusively hosted registered Castle Lite citizens, made up of their loyal consumers at the Republic. The selected citizens got to experience and relish their citizenship at the Republic of Extra Cold – a country created by the beer brand for its consumers.

The beer country, which is situated on Stanley Island in Plettenberg Bay, was rocked by another local line up drummed up by Castle Lite which

Pearl Thusi President

Pearl Thusi

included MVD (made up of DJ Milkshake, DJ Vigilante, DJ Dimplez) DJ Speedsta, Major League DJ’s, Twins On Decks, Poppy Ntshongwana, etc. Motswako rapper, Khuli Chana unlocked a massive live band performance with his blazing hits that stunned citizens.

The hundreds of citizens who were charted into the island from around the country and accommodated by Castle Lite for an all-expenses paid experience, also got to celebrate their newly re-elected president Pearl Thusi’s landslide win, after her inauguration at The Embassy Event in June. Pearl Thusi was joined by her ministers DJ Warras and Sizwe Dhlomo, at the Republic to turn all the way up and unlock new levels of Extra Cold.

“Welcome my people to The Republic of Extra Cold, where we banish the mundane and unlock EXTRA Ordinary!” Said Pearl Thusi to hundreds of roaring citizens.

Consumers wishing to be citizens of Castle Lite can still log onto www.castlelite.co.za to unlock extraordinary experiences


The Manifesto

This is to all the young, hip, savvy people with style for days,
Haters of lame, rained-out braais and warm beer,
All of you out there not willing to settle for the ordinary,
Fear not, because the Republic of Extra Cold is here
And you are the number one citizen.

On the outskirts of Dull and Mundane,
a million ice-ages from Been-There-Done-That,
a flag for all things extra-cool flies at full mast
And citizens stand united in their quest for the extraordinary.
Here only you govern you
and getting down is a basic human right
for those who hold the passport that unlocks Extra Cold Refreshment

So pack your best game, raise your green bottle and pledge allegiance
to a Republic like no other.
Where refreshment is an official language
And the national anthem a dance floor hit,
Out here the sun is our servant and king is the man with the coldest beer.
Yeah, Castle Lite has a Republic
And we’re declaring independence from the tyranny of ordinary.
Join us in the land of the refreshed,
Join us on the Republic Of Extra Cold.

Do you have what it takes to be a citizen?


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