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Do you want to unleash the power of learning in your child? Think Genius Premium Tuition.

Education is one of the most important subjects to talk about and having the best possible education in life is a massive bonus. Every bit of help that is available to improve and assist in improving education should be taken with both hands!  

Genius Premium Tuition offers various useful student services in Johannesburg, including Academic Coaching and Private Tuition.

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Academic Coaching

Genius believes in more than only teaching. Academic Coaching is an important service that benefits students of all ages.

Academic Coaching looks at four general categories.

  1. Time Management
  2. Study Skill
  3. Exam Taking Techniques
  4. Stress Management

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Private Tuition

It does not matter the subject, a Private Tutor can only be beneficial for any student. Genius Premium Tuition offers subject-specific private tutors that assist students in understanding and grasping their work far better.

Private tutors become particularly useful with harder subjects such and math and science.

Genius Premium Tuition offers private tuition for various syllabi including:

  • IEB
  • GDE
  • International (IB, Cambridge International and GED)
  • International Test Preparations (SAT, GMAT, NBT, SSAT and GRE)

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Contact Genius Premium Tuition

For more information about Academic Coaching and Private Tutors or to enrol your child, please contact Genius Premium Tuition!

One-on-one and Private Online Sessions are available during the National Lockdown!

Extra education tutoring for your child during the lockdown is exceptionally beneficial. Many children are left alone in these times without informed assistance. Even when there is a parent around who can assist, parents are sometimes not equipped to help their child effectively.

Feel free to find out more about our online tutoring service.  


Genius Premium Tuition

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