Genius or just Google?

I often get told by colleagues, friends and family that I am a genius as I know everything. If their computer is broken, I fix it. If they don’t know how their new smart phone works, I show them. If they need directions, I give it to them. Without even asking how I know everything, they leave saying “You’re a genius, thank you!”

But what is my little secret? How do I know everything? Well, I don’t, but Google certainly does!

In this day and age, I am willing to say that the answer to any question can be found through Google. There are thousands of websites, blogs, forums where people have answered your question for others who have asked the same thing before and Google have cleverly indexed these sites in a way that when you search for your question, the answer simply pops up right there!

Here are two examples:


I did a search in Google on how to install apps on an Android phone. Google found the answer from Android Central and displayed the steps on how to install apps on an Android phone. If you need more information, then you click on “More items” or click on the link to Android Central where they provide a step by step answer to your question.



Need directions? No problem. I simply searched for “Directions from 65 Rivonia road to Sandton City” The directions that you need simply appears in front of you!


So am I a genius? Maybe not, but I do know how to use Google and I have saved a lot of time by simply Googling everything that I need to know!

Got any questions? Google them!

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Dale Goodwin

Who is Dale Goodwin? I am a 33 year old online marketer from Kempton Park, Johannesburg. My favorite things include the outdoors, family, animals, good food and traveling.

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