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gumtree1Do you ever have those moments during the day where you just want to do something other than work? One of the things I do when I have these moments is surf on Gumtree. Nothing in particular, I just love seeing what people are selling. I have a particular interest for antiques and old classic cars.

Car hunting on Gumtree is actually very easy and what you may not know is that both private individuals and car dealers make use of Gumtree to advertise. There is such a large variety of vehicles available.

Being a born outdoors man, I love camping and coupled with my love for old cars, I started dreaming. How cool would it be to buy an old VW Micro Bus combi which I would convert into a camper. So naturally, I jumped onto Gumtree and started searching… Bingo! A classic 1990 Microbus! Have a look at it!

MicrobusYes, it looks like it needs some TLC, but what can you expect from a vehicle that is 25 years old.

The first thing that I would do to this combi is fix up the body work and make sure that it is shinning. Then I would strip out the back and fit it with a mobile kitchen including a bar fridge not forgetting a comfy mattress so that camping in the bush is a bigger pleasure. A tow bar would be fitted so that my trailer with the camping gear in can be taken along with me.

One day my dream will be a reality and I will own my VW Camping Combi.

Finding a Vehicle On Gumtree

Finding the right used vehicle for you on Gumtree is truly a breeze. Their search functionalities are so user friendly that even your grandfather could use it. You can easily search for your ideal car, bakkie or bike by location, vehicle type, age or price. You can even select to view vehicles that was posted by private individuals or dealers.

So if you want to kill time, daydream in a vehicle wonderland or seriously look for a car, be sure to visit


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