Ekurhuleni Tornado Warning

A SMS is doing the rounds allegedly sent by Ekurhuleni, warning of a tornado that us expected in Boksburg this evening (8 October 2017).

“Is it true?” Is the question that is being asked over and over again on Facebook this evening by many concerned Ekurhuleni residents.

Well is it true? MyJozi cannot answer for sure. Our opinion is NO! Just last week (8 October 2017) A sms also did the rounds warning of a tornado in Boksburg and Kempton Park. Local news paper, Kempton Express released an article stating that this message was indeed FAKE (

Based on the fact that no other news outlets have issued the same warning that is doing the rounds tonight, we would say that the huge round of sms’s is also fake.

MyJozi often comes across news that we don’t deem as true, how do we confirm news? It is actually rather simple. If the news can not be found on any major news website such as News24, EWN or the Caxton Newspaper websites, then the chances are that the news in question is simply not true.

Before you panic and contribute to mass panic by sharing fake news, make sure of your facts.

May you all have a great, tornado free evening!

Ekurhuleno Tornado

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