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e-toll-gantrye-toll… That ugly topic that everyone hates! But there is good news for some… Tariffs have been sliced in half! And a nasty penalty is set to prevent road users who don’t pay their e-toll accounts from renewing their annual car licenses.

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa made the announcement today (20 May 2015) of the reduced tariffs and the new penalty.

The new e-toll structure is as follows:

E-tag tariffs:

Users with e-tags and Sanral accounts will pay:

  • Class A1 (motorcycles): 18c/km
  • Class A2 (light vehicles): 30c/km
  • Class B (medium heavy vehicles): 75c/km
  • Class C (large heavy vehicles): 150c/km

Reduced monthly cap for all users:

  • Class A1 (motorcycles): R125 (down from R280, 50% discount)
  • Class A2 (light vehicles): R225 (down from R450, 50% discount)
  • Class B (medium heavy vehicles): R875 (down from R1750, 50% discount)
  • Class C (large heavy vehicles): R2 900 (down from R3 500, 17% discount)

Infrequent users:

The first 30 gantry passes in a year are free. Payment is only due on the 31st gantry pass, which will include the cost of the preceding 30 gantry passes.

Current Outstanding e-toll accounts

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has also giving current road users a chance to pay up their accounts. Is users pay their accounts within the next 30 days, they will be given a 60% discount!

The bad news is that road users who fail to pay their accounts will not be able to renew their annual car licenses.

There have been many comments on news platforms where people say that they will not pay a cent, even if it means that they will drive their vehicles without licenses.

Interesting times ahead!

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