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Disappointing Service from Takealot

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Disappointing Service from Takealot
Bad Service from Takealot

Takealot has become a household name in South Africa. It has largely shaped the online shopping market in South Africa.

But, in recent months I have noticed a slip in their service levels, and we have got to a point where it is easier and less stressful to get in a car and drive to the shops and purchase what we are looking for.

We understand that things can go wrong in life and in business. Human error is a thing, and mistakes happen. But Takealot seems to be making mistakes on every order we place and dealing with their service team is next to impossible and they take an age to resolve an issue.

List of Orders Gone Wrong

Some of the issues that we have experienced over the last +/- 12 months include:

  • A fridge that arrived with a bashed-in and dented door
  • A vacuum cleaner that overheated and kept cutting out (The replacement did the same)
  • A day/night switch that did not work at all
  • 6 garden lights that arrived where more than half have broken glass panels
  • A bucket that arrived with no handle
  • Light blubs ordered were screw types, and they sent bayonets instead
  • A kettle that would not turn on
  • A clock that arrived with the clockwork arms broken
  • Kikuyu Whittet grass seeds were ordered and an unknown pack of seeds arrived in packaging that does not resemble the advertised image and this is a non-returnable item (Still not resolved)
  • A Lego set sent was not what was ordered, the replacement that was sent was the same incorrect one (Still not resolved)
  • A MESH Wi-Fi system was ordered, we received two Wi-Fi light bulbs instead (Still unresolved)

We must make it clear that the above errors from Takealot are on one account/user!

Let us take a look at the last two orders alone to show how these are not small mistakes.

Lego Set

We ordered the LEGO Technic Rescue Helicopter Building Set 42092, which costs R979. We received the LEGO Technic Helicopter Polybag Set, which costs R129.

A return was logged, and we requested that the correct item be sent. The replacement order eventually arrived but, it was the same incorrect order (LEGO Technic Helicopter Polybag Set) that arrived again. This issue is still unresolved, we are waiting for the incorrect item to be collected for a 2nd time).

Wi-Fi Extender

We ordered the TP-Link Deco E4 2 pack. The cost of this item was R1599. We received two Qualitel Smart Light Bulbs worth R199 each instead.

A return was logged, and this remains unresolved. We got an email saying that this order must be collected and returned to the warehouse for inspection, and only at that point they will decide if they will credit my account or send a replacement.

Customer Service

Takealot has conveniently taken their call centre telephone number off from their website. One must search for a number to phone. We eventually found their number on their Facebook page.

When you call in, you wait forever to speak to a consultant, and when you eventually speak to a consultant, they speak to you as if you are at fault and they can not get rid of you quickly enough.

No manager is ever available to escalate a complaint.

Overall, we found all the mistakes and the customer service team that is supposed to resolve the many mistakes is terrible.

With Amazon coming in as competition to Talealot, you would think that they would be on their A-game, but they are nowhere close to the quality online shop that they claim to be.