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The topic of Truck Hire may sound daunting for some, as this is known to be a service that is expensive and complicated.

This thought couldn’t be further than the truth when you make use of Dial-a-Truck!


Hire a Truck the Easy Way

Dial-a-Truck offers low-cost Truck Hire options that are easily accessible to Private Individuals and Companies who require a truck on a short term basis as well as to companies who have a medium to long term transportation requirement.

Dial-a-Truck stocks a large fleet of trucks that are available with various configurations and load capacities. In addition to Truck Hire, Dial-a-Truck also offers low-cost Van and Bakkie Hire.

Clients are welcome to hire a Dial-a-Truck vehicle along with an experienced driver.

Moving Truck Rental

In addition to Truck Hire, Dial-a-Truck also offers Moving Truck Rental for clients who are planning a DIY Furniture Removal.

Clients making use of this service will be given the option to hire a driver and a moving crew to assist with the move.

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