Bomb Scare at Eastgate

Twitter exploded this afternoon with unconfirmed rumours about a bomb scare at Eastgate Shopping Centre.

It was said that a suspicious looking suitcase was left outside a jewellery store that is situated inside Eastgate Shopping Centre. Later on reports came out that an explosive device was found in the case and that the bomb squad had deactivated the bomb. Other reports say that the bomb was detonated in a controlled environment.

It was also said that Eastgate Shopping Centre Management claims that there was no explosive device and that the whole thing was a hoax. Various tweets came through on Twitter from witnesses that were at Eastgate saying that shortly after the evacuation an explosion was heard.

So who knows what is actually going on…

Here are a few links to news reports that I have found:

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Eastgate ‘device’ detonated
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Bomb found inside briefcase at Eastgate Mall
Money Web
Bomb found at Eastgate Shopping Centre


@IOL – BREAKING: Loud explosion heard inside Eastgate Shopping Mall. Authorities order complete evacuation on threat of bomb.

@SABreakingNews – ‘Device’ deactivated at Eastgate

@ewnupdates – #Eastgate Conflicting reports of the details on whether it was a bomb, a ‘device’ which was deactivated in a controlled explosion or a hoax.

@KatyKatopodis – #Eastgate management now says #bombthreat was a hoax.Police sticking to their guns-saying not a hoax.Let’s see…they’re confused it seems

As you can see from the above reports and tweets… There is still allot of confusion and no one seems to know what is actually going on.

If you know any further details or if you were there, please post a reply below!

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