Are you a Chronic Camper?

Camping is sadly an activity that is frowned upon by many. Thankfully many more people LOVE camping and can’t wait to hit the road with their tent, camp trailer or caravan at every opportunity they get.

It is the love of camping that led to a couple from Johannesburg to take their love for camping one step further.

“We were sitting on our camp chairs in front of our tent overlooking the ocean during an annual holiday when we said, “wouldn’t it be great to live like this full time?” That tongue and cheek question then led to a serious conversation about giving up our normal lives and go camping full time! We decided right there and then to pack up our lives as we know it and embark on a 5-year full-time camping journey.”

The couple put their house in the market shortly after they got home from their holiday and started planning the logistics of this crazy plan.

“We had to figure out how to generate an income while on the road, and we came up with a plan through an online based business we immediately started to grow. We also had to sell our camp trailer setup and bought a caravan. This just made sense to live more comfortably while on the road. In addition, we had to buy a vehicle to tow the caravan with and to top everything off, one of us had to re-do our driver licence to get an EB licence to tow the caravan legally.”

The couple is due to start their full-time camping journey in July 2019, and they plan to escape the cold Gauteng winter and spend the first few months in the KZN South Coast. They then plan to move on to the Eastern Cape followed by the Western Cape.

“We have only planned the first three legs of our trip. Time will tell where we move on from the Western Cape in 2020.”

The couple who only like to be referred to as “The Chronic Campers” has started a brand called Chronic Campers. You can follow their journey at In addition to their website blog, you can also follow their journey through their Facebook Fan Page,

They also started a Facebook Group where they encourage other campers to join the group to interact, share camping stories, provide information about campsites and, advertise camp related services and products. Campers interesting in joining the group can visit

Are you a Chronic Camper? Follow The Chronic Campers journey and join them on their social media platforms.

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