Africa’s first NICKFEST! Were you apart of it?

tryust.jpgssWho lives in the water under the sea? If you sang that instead of just reading it then you ought to know that you are a Nickelodeon fan. The past weekend being June 12 & 13, 2015 South Africa and Africa as a whole hosted its first slimed driven, kids entertaining and Nickelodeon wonderland better known as the NickFest.

Africa’s NickFest took place at the prestige’s “The Globe, Silverstar Casino” and hosted the iconic animated characters such as Dora the explorer with her friends, Spongebob Squarepants and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The festival hosted some of South Africa’s phenomenal and talented musical artists and over the past two days many of SA’s stunning celebrities were spotted; some with their kids and others still expecting. Comedian Riaad Moosa was the hilariously engaging master of ceremony and kept the atmosphere on a joyful note. The Buzz, Morgan Beatboxer & Micasa were just some of the entertainment line-up that provided energetically warm and overwhelming performances. The best part of the event was to see some of our celebrities being dunked into glorious green slime all in the name of charity. There is nothing like the look on a child’s face when they are thoroughly amazed and in lay terms wowed by something that their mind can’t even comprehend because what they see in front of them surpasses their imagination or any form of expectation – yes the guest of honour couldn’t help themselves but enjoy the fun activities of which there were so many; fun rides, PlayStations, face painting, slime tub and so much more.

The event was in aid of donating a portion of the proceeds from the event to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust to help ensure South African children have access to improved healthcare facilities.”

One thing that boggled my mind was, why the festival weren’t televised live on the Nickelodeon channels – would it not have been the ideal way to commemorate such an occasion? Secondly, why was the Master of Ceremony not slimmed?

Thanks to Mushroom productions, Capacity Relations and Nickelodeon Africa for a wonderfully well-co-ordinated event and an excellent job on conducting and maintaining crowd control and satisfaction.

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