About Us

Who We Are

MyJozi was founded in January 2010 by Dale Goodwin. The website was started as a pet project after starting to work for a digital marketing agency.

A few articles and jokes were posted to MyJozi and slowly we started ranking on Google and started drawing natural traffic. This motivated us to write more and quickly got added to various media lists. We then started promoting events as well and doing reviews on live shows.

Today, we still do reviews and post various press releases as well as write our own blog posts on a limitless variety of topics.


We are always on the look out for sponsorships (prizes). This allows us a run competitions and in-turn promote your product.

Product Reviews

We also do product reviews and write about the products that we have reviewed. This assists us with drawing more traffic to our website and it assists you to get your products known and spoken about.

Contact MyJozi

If you would like to submit topic ideas, provide us with a sponsorship or would like a product review, then please feel free to email us at info@myjozi.co.za.