5 4 3 2 1 Bungee

Orlando Towers, Soweto the place where I had the jump of my life.

I have always wanted to bungee jump off the Orlando Towers in Soweto but the desire to jump was always one of those things you want to do; but never actually do. I happened to mention this to a friend last week and the next thing I was told that we are booked to jump on Saturday at midday!

On Saturday morning my friend and I made our way to the Orlando Towers. The trip there was tense! Firstly we both had never been in Soweto and secondly we were both crapping ourselves about jumping off a 100m building… I mean what possessed us?

So we filled out our indemnity forms, made our payment, put our valuables in the car…. “Stressed about our valuables in the car” and finally we kitted up. There were about five of us in the lift that takes you to the top of the tower. Well… Let me tell you! I do not know what was worse… The bungee jump or the lift that takes you to the top…. The tower has got an inward and outward curve and the lift follows those curves… Scary shit I tell you!

When they asked us who is going first, I jumped at the opportunity! I just wanted to get this madness that I got myself into over and done with. My harness was checked, checked again and then again…. But I must say all the safety checks were comforting. Anything at that point that will help you think that you are not going to die is more than welcome.

Once all the safety checks were done, I was told to stand with my toes over the edge. This on its own is much easier said than done. I moved my feet closer to the edge and then they said “Closer!” I would then move my very heavy feet a little closer and closer and finally got to the edge… With no time to think the countdown started!

5 4 3 2 1 BUNGEE!!!!! At this point I was very close to shitting myself but there I went. 100m to my death! Ok so it was not that bad… I lived to tell the tale! I was determined to keep my eyes open and NOT scream… and I managed to achieve that goal! I felt the air rushing past my ears followed by being pulled back up towards the jumping platform and then falling once again. “Yay I did it and yes I am alive! Once I had stopped bouncing around in mid air, I was lowered back down to solid earth. While they were undoing the harness I just lay there flat on the floor, the guy who undid everything said that I can get up and go now… But I could hardly walk… Jelly Legs took over.

After eventually getting myself up and out the landing zone I had the best cigarette that I have ever tasted in my 29 years of life!

Over all My Bungee experience was great! Scary but worth all the nerves! I would recommend it to everybody! Just do it!

The only downfall of the day was that their DVD recording facility was not working so we could not get a recording of our jump. But we got images and I have included a few below.

Do you want to bungee jump?

The bungee jump will cost you R480. Dvd’s of your jump are available at R150 and Photos for R50.
If you really do not see yourself jumping, there are various other activities available. Visit www.orlandotowers.co.za for more information.

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