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Results Show Update 16/08/11: After a grueling few minutes, it was between Phaksy and Erin to go home. When Phaksey sang for his life in the hope to get the judges one and only save, he did so in vain as he was not saved. We are sure this young man has a bright future ahead of him and wish him all the luck in the world.

SA Idols seems to be flying by this year and it’s certainly refreshing to see such unusual talent in the top 9. It has been interesting to watch the SA Idols contestants grow and further develop their voices. Guest judge Cofield Mundi was there to pass on her advice to the top 9 SA Idols as they each took on a South African song.


The first top 9 SA Idol to perform was Erin. She has always been one of my favourites. Unfortunately, now that she is in the top 9, I feel that she is losing it a bit. I certainly hope that she gets her “wow” factor back. It would be sad to see such amazing talent leave at this point.


This young lady got a standing ovation from Garth Tailor after she sang one of his songs. Wow wee, she certainly did a great job. I’ve never been a Crushanda fan but it looks as if this girl has what it takes to entertain.


Mark is a truly talented contestant and in my opinion, a huge threat to the rest of the top 9 SA Idols. I always admire and appreciate a humble Idols contestant and Mark certainly ticks that box. There is something absolutely awesome about an Idol standing with a guitar and pouring his/ her emotion into a song.


This guy’s rocky slickness is certainly a great contribution to SA Idols Season 7. I think he has an extremely unique sound and stage presence that has left girl’s hearts pumping long after he leaves the stage. This top 9 SA Idol once again had the crowd going crazy and the judges agreed. Like Randal said “you’ve got that thing.”


It looks as though Lefa got a bit of a scare being in the bottom 3 last week because his Brenda Fassie performance was just great. He really stepped up his game this week.


Freddie is a crazy kid with a voice of an angel. His energy bunny personality has definitely been a huge contributor to his sudden fame. As for his performance, I thought it was as entertaining and energetic as always. All the ingredients needed to be a SA Idol.


Showing off some dance moves, Phaksy sure was smooth. However I’m not too sure about his singing. I’m predicting that he’ll be in the bottom three this week.


I’ve never really been blown away by Kelly’s singing. Am I alone? She’s certainly talented but I think that when compared to some of the other SA Idols on Season 7, she’s missing something. Her Freshly Ground performance this week however, showed a more humble side.


The youngest SA Idols contestant of all performed last. I think that out of all the SA Idols on Season 7 contestants, Dene has come out of her shell the most. As for her performance, she killed it this week. What a presence and truly arresting voice. She certainly has my vote this week.

I must say that there has been a clear change in each one of the top 9 SA Idols with regards to them now being performers and not just singers. Obviously being on stage brings out the raw talent in some of our top 9 SA Idols.

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Erin 13

Crushanda 06

Mark 08

Dave 11

Lefa 05

Freddie 04

Phaksy 10

Kelly 12

Dene 07

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