Power Balance Band – Fact or Fiction

There is always a new craze happening somewhere in the world and this time it’s the craze of the Power Band. Power bands are being worn by the sporting community and by the sporting community as well as the average man or woman. It is said to be able to increase your performance by 500%. This 500% is in terms of balance stability and strength…but is this for real? I am not convinced…

How does the Power Balance Band work?

It is hard to believe but the Power Balance Band’s secret is in a special hologram that is embedded in the silicone band. This hologram enhances the body’s natural energy.

How do I know this? I found a piece of a story that explains the concept below…

Californian entrepreneur Josh Rodarmel, 28, developed the bands with his brother, Troy, three years ago. He explains:

“Everything in nature has a set frequency. The body has a frequency and things which cause negativity to the human body  –  like mobile phones and radio waves  –  break down its natural healing frequency. My brother and I worked out a way of putting good frequencies into our holograms so they balance out the body, making it stronger and more flexible. It works in different ways for different people. Athletes say they can last longer on the field, that they have better balance and that their muscles recover quicker.”

How do you know if the Power Balance Band really works?

I have found a test that you can do with and without a Power Balance Band on. This assists you in comparing results between the two. The test involves balance and strength.

A person must stand on one leg with arms stretched out to the side. A second person then must try to push down on one the first person’s arms, this causing them to loose balance and fall over. Then repeat the test with the first person wearing a Power Balance Band. It is said that their balance and arm strength should improve and it becomes much harder for them to loose balance and to be pushed over.

Again I ask if this is fact or fiction? Does the Power Balance Band really work? I personally think it is all in the mind. But I am prepared to change my mind.  I want to know your thoughts about the Power Balance Band. Do you have one? Tell us what it has done for you.  Please post a reply with your thoughts and comments.