Paul Rotherham has left (Fired?) 94,7 Highveld Stereo; Breakfast Express

I only just heard about Paul Rotherham (a DJ from 94.7 Highveld Stereo) being sacked or “relieved” from his contract at 94.7 Highveld Stereo, yesterday (7 June 2011). If you don’t know already, he was allegedly informed yesterday that his contract would not be renewed at 94.7 Highveld Stereo. It is said that Paul himself does not know why his contract was not renewed, but he thinks it may be because of a meeting a while back where he brought up a concern about content that is presented on air that may be harsh for children to listen to. (And I agree with Paul on this one if that was the case.)

I was honestly shocked at this news as he is the last person I would have got rid of! Since Jeremy Mansfield left 94.7 last year, the breakfast show has been a downward spiral. They should have got rid of the whole team then already and started all over again with something totally unique and fresh.

Sam still does the same old crap day after day along with Darren Simpson. It’s old, and stale now. 94,7 Highveld Stereo needs new blood! Change with the times, use your imagination, the sky is your limit! But you choose to stay with a format and people who have been with the radio station for years and are not doing anything to keep the entertainment value new and fresh. Don’t get rid of Paul! Why? He is not the main focus of the breakfast show. Sam and Darren are and they the ones that needs to go.

I hear a lot of people complaining about this same situation. People have changed their loyalties to Jacaranda 94.2 and 5FM among other stations. And then there are people like me who would simply not listen to the radio station anymore.

I really hope the 94.7 Highveld Stereo, stops and thinks just for a moment before ending contracts for no real reason. Rather end a contract to make the show better.

To Paul Rotherham, I trust you will get a great new job and never look back!

37 Responses to Paul Rotherham has left (Fired?) 94,7 Highveld Stereo; Breakfast Express

  1. adrian says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Mansfield’s departure ripped the entire persona out of the breakfast show. I immediately switched to Jacaranda 94.2 and have not regretted it for one day. Try listening to the variety of activities on Jacaranda’s Just Plain Show and then attempt to swallow the whining head honcho on the Breakfast Express to give practical effect to the term “hearty disappointment”.
    Good luck Paul, my thumbs up for someone who not only has principles but elects to stand by them.

  2. Irma says:

    This is an absolute truth! I’d rather listen to nothing than listening to those screamers, they’ve gone from the best breakfast show to the worst in the Country.
    We’ve also changed the office radio broadcast from Highveld to Jacaranda 94.2

  3. dave says:

    Agree totally will also be changing stations as from today. Management at highveld are a disgrace

  4. Warren says:

    Radiculous!, That shw sucks, Darren’s a whiney pimply git, Sam’s a condecending moany old hag, ive switched to 702..much better, John Robbie.

  5. Lucas says:

    Alex Jay should take over the breakfast show. DudeAwakening, as he calls it, rocks big time.

  6. SJO says:

    Totally agree. Good buy 94,7 Hello 94.2

  7. Gary says:

    Agreed the whole station is need of a makeover
    Darren squeaky voice is to much Darren and are
    Very good side kicks but do not have what is needed
    For a successful show,as for Alex j he is long in the tooth aswell
    His fake laugh is irritable

  8. sam says:

    I agree! Since J left, 94.7 morning show is not good. Never been a fan of Sam and Darren is OK but is not good enough without Jeremy. And Paul, thats just terrible news cause now its definitly not worth listening to.

  9. Christine says:

    Disgracefull…. sies

  10. Alan Johnson says:

    Same here! Stopped listenin to Highveld completely after Jeremy left. Daren Simpson should go back behind the bicycle shed where his humour, behavior and intelligence came from.

    Primedia management are a bunch of idiots!

    I would really like to know how many people actually listen to their crap morning show these days…

  11. Megan says:

    So disappointing…

  12. zee says:

    paul was an asset. sam is totally hopeless with her crap sense of humour. wackhead is stale, same shit different day.

  13. laura says:

    I have been wondering where Paul was as I find myself paying less attention to the morning show now. With Jeremy gone the entire spirit of the show was no longer there.He was amazing and held it all together with his special magic and unbelievable people skills (last years cringeworthy Christmas wish is a case in point)
    Now Paul has been asked to leave and I am truly saddened. This breakfast show will never recapture its glory days and that’s truly a loss to all the listeners who require just a little more than silly pranks

  14. rina says:

    Missing Paul – why cant Mark or Alex take over breakfast show. 94.2 has gained another listener

  15. Lindsey says:

    Agree totally – Darren loves the sound of his voice and should move to 702 if he wants to talk ! The whole show needs a shake up and wake up. Start listening to what the audience want – gone are 94.7’s glory days! My worst is his Gummy Bear tune on a Friday morning – who is the target market anyway – certainly no-one over 10 years, very immature.

  16. Jud says:

    Paul Rotherham, Julio Garcia, Anele and Grant … where have they gone? Sorry to say, but Primedia I think you need to do a serious, in depth marketing survey as I am sure the figures will show you have an audience of way less than you expect. Also, just who are you targeting? The juvenile stuff appeals to the tweens, but then the crude jokes and getting listeners to phone in with weird stories, well that is NOT appropriate for kids. Mark Pilgrim, Alex Jay, Zane Derbyshire, Brad Brown, all great guys, but you need a MORNING SHOW with vibe, not one that gets tuned out every morning. Good luck Paul, have a cup of tea on us, we’ll miss your humour.

  17. rina says:

    Do we know yet where Paul has gone

  18. John says:

    With Paul gone and no official explanation from Prime media, raises suspicions. Prime Media should come clean on what happened. My loyalty to 94.7 is gone now

  19. MJP says:

    i have also been wondering what happened to Paul, i have missed his intellegence and quick wit behind the mic!!! Very sad indeed, the show is not the same…….i also don’t like that stupid gummy bear song on a friday!…am looking for a new station….

  20. Fee says:

    Yip I agree with all of the above and have been wondering for sometime where I can leave a gripe….. To Darren…. Come back in 20 years when you may have grown up and become a little more mature, you are far too childish to be upfront in a show with so many followers! Sam, with Jer you were a great backup – gal stop lowering yourself to Darrens level of maturity. Alex in the morning, also a no no – Alex just tries too hard!!!!! To me, Mark is the guy that could crack the morning show! I think Vin is great but what a blow that Paul has gone, I still can’t get my head round that one!!!!

    Please Primedia catch a wake up before the “Breakfast Xpress” does any more damage!!!!!

  21. diane botha says:

    Oh I agreee with Dale!!! Sam and Darren are BORING!!! Thank goodness for Bongani……..the best. Vin leaves a lot to be desired!!!

  22. Marlene says:

    Totally agree!
    So miss Jeremy, don’t think it will ever be the same without him. The day Jeremy left, i went over to 702,but have since stopped listening to Radio completely.
    Bring AlexJ back – he is really worth listening too.

  23. Danie says:

    I stumbled upon this site by accident. Been wanting co comment since Jeremy’s departure. looking at the departure of Jeremy, Joffers Paul and the others mentioned above, one wonders what the true reasons behind their departures are. It seems a though some degenerate is responsible for working them out of the system. Sad that management is not able to see what is going on. Up to today I listened to 94.7 solely for the sake of the news coverage. Shall also be changeing to 94.2 untill such time as juvenile Darren is removed. Only mindless idiots listen to his silly pranks.

  24. bob says:

    94.7 is the most highly over rated station , Darren and his troop of idiots are pathetic.
    Paul was way to smart for them.
    They hype up even the smallest thing for their own gain.
    I HATE 94.7 !!
    U SUCK !!
    5FM all the way !!

  25. Johan says:

    you people are all pathetic. Paul irritated me, was so far up his own behind it was pathetic. what did he actually do…nothing! graeme should have gone 2 years ago that sports joke thing paleese! jeremy was an arrogant idiot and past his sell by date. Darryn does fresh modern funny radio. that is why the audience has increased ever since he took over. look at the ratings people, he has grown the show. big numbers.
    well done highveld, about time!!!!!

  26. Dale says:

    Thanks for the reply Johan. Please show us the numbers. I want to see how listener-ship has increased since that little squeaky brat took over. Bas on stats from this post, i am pretty sure that no number have increased for the breakfast show on 94,7.

  27. Tina says:

    Paul showed up Darren’s lack of intelligence, The interview Sam and Darren did with Michael Bolton(not a fan) was so immature, I felt embarassed for them, I can’t imagine what Michael must have thought, I just hope he doesn’t think all South Africans are as stupid and immature as those two.
    The Breakfast Xpress really sucks,Put Mark on in the mornings.

  28. Johan says:

    Well, now that the “Other” Darren (Scott) has left Jacaranda, perhaps he can replace the “whiney” one on Highveld…

  29. Lizzie says:

    I LOVE the Breakfast Express. I was a bit worried when Jem left and wonderered what was going to happen. Although he was retrospect he was arrogant and into his important self. Paul was ok…but SO boring!! Joffers had also passed his sell by date !! Darren,Sam,Bongani, Vin…. you ROCK !!!! I love your sense of on the same page as get me through the stress in the traffic in the mornings..and the pranks are great ( just feel sorry for the people sometimes !!) And things are not the same have brought in new stuff which is great (..just missed the birtday wheel though last year on Fri 5th Nov which was my 50th… perhaps I can do 50 plus one this year !!…except my birthday is on a Sat this year ?) DONT listen to all the people who have such lame comments..they have a CHOICE to listen to whichever station pleases them.
    You GO Breakfast Express.. I will always listen to you x x x

  30. Marlene S says:

    Darren Simpson is an absolute idiot. Really guys is this all you can offer your listeners. He never gives the callers the time to explain their take on things and always buts in to try and put accross his view. I am tuning into Jacaranda now. He is an insult to our intelligence, after Jem left your breakfast show took a dive. I hope Paul has now joined a radio show that takes pride in intelligence and morals unlike your “team of clowns” on the breakfast show. How proud Darren (pathetic idiot) was spending a massive amount of money on useless telephone pranks. Is Sam the only woman to have given birth, miss know it all is a pain in the butt.


  31. Fran Levant says:

    I googled Paul Rotherham this morning as I was really curious to find out what happened to him…I didn’t know he was sacked from the show and I agree that this was a massive mistake from Prime Media. And really bad taste in just getting him rid of him with so many loyal listeners..without an explanation / apology or anything. Now that I know this – and I’ve been an avid listener to Highveld forever, I’ll be changing even though I love Alex Jay and wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the next one out (maybe a good thing for you Alex !) How on earth can you replace a legend like JM with a Whackhead who was the last one in….He may be funny sometimes, but he’s an immature little boy with very little experience…It really has become a kiddies show now and in my opinion the dynamic of the team is non existent. If anything Paul could of taken over with Darren and Sam as his side kicks and Joffis could also have stayed…..At least it would have been a show with intelligence and humour all at one…..Good luck to Prime Media – No offence to the current presenters – you’re all great people – but you just don’t have what it takes and Prime Media should know this.

  32. sue says:

    Who is 94.7
    Do they still exist?

    Breakfast express?


  33. Rachelle Scott says:

    I fully agree with you – Paul is a gentleman with a fantastic sense of humour and great taste in music! It was a sad day when he left!!!! Good luck to Highveld Radio but I will not be listening to Darren and the team.

  34. […] caused a lot of anger and judging from the comments on my last article about Paul Rotherham, “Paul Rotherham has left (Fired?) 94,7 Highveld Stereo” many people have stopped listening to 94.7 Highveld Stereo all […]

  35. mutshipisi says:

    94.7 breakfast show is boooooring ever since jeremy left…

  36. raymond says:

    Breakfast express is really boring – and please give us a break -that crappy advert -“Smile Dammit” what crap- They are so so lucky that Darren Scott screwed up cos there’s no way these clowns wouldve ever had a chance to win best radio breakfast show .
    Sam its time to go … you the weakest link
    Bongani why don”t you go join sanrail – cos your endorsement of them is the only work you will ever get
    as for Darren …..prankcalls are so so yesterday..

  37. Dirk Weeber says:

    Since Jeremy’s departure of the station it never was the same. Neither Sam nor Darren could come with something new. By the way – Simsons voice is so irritating, one can only listen to him 10 min max !!!

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