Mara Louw VS Unathi Msengana in South African Idols

Mara Louw

I have followed SA Idols throughout the years and have always loved seeing the good singers in our country develop into great singers. But one person who always grated me WAS Mara Louw. She would always throw in a racist remark here and there and this would irritate the crap out of me. I am not just talking about Idols 6 but all the Idols that she has ever been involved in.

After Idols 6 in 2010 she said, and I quote “Blacks don’t have access to DStv, so a large portion of South Africans are excluded. Whites vote for whites and the blacks are the ones who suffer” and she also saidLloyd Cele, who came in second, should have won the competition.” She said the competition is riddled with racism and that there will only be a black winner if M-Net were to sell the rights of the show to the SABC.” I was outraged by this comment, as this was pure racism and bitterness towards other races of people. Idols have had non-white winners. I ask you who voted them in? The whites? The Coloureds? The Indians? Or The Blacks? We all voted for the winners as a whole. White, Coloured, Indian and Blacks. If what Mara said was true, then we would have had white winners from the start right up to now. Yes Lloyd Cele was great and still a winner in my eyes! But at the end of the day, it is the votes that count and Elvis Blue won fair and square.

Unathi Msengana

Now SA Idols new judge Unathi Msengana, in my words is “Very Cool”!  Unathi is a South African singer, actress and radio personality. She is best known for presenting Pop Stars on SABC in 2004 and hosting shows on YFM and Metro FM.

So far I have found Unathi is very honest, true, entertaining, humble and most importantly non-racist. She has been honest about good and bad singer’s whether they were Black, White, Indian, Coloured, Pink, Purple, Fat… I really like her style and I wish her a long and prosperous career with Mnet’s South African Idols!

Mara – Unathi
Drunk – Sober
Racist – Not
Fake Tears – Real Tears
Scary – Not so Scary
Ugly – Beautiful
Manipulative – Honest

Please remember that this is my opinion and your are entitled to your’s. Share your thoughts with us by posting a comment below.

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