Idols SA 2011 Top 6 “Show Stopper”


Update: “After another tense results show, Kelly was the unlucky SA Idols contestant to leave the show. We wish Kelly all the best for her future plans.”

This week’s show had an explosive opening act with “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz, performed by SA Idols 2011 Top 6.

The theme for the Top 6 show was “Show Stoppers” Each performer had a group of talented dancers with them on stage to assist with their “Show Stopper” performance.

R&B singer Leanne was the guest judge for tonight’s performances. She is best known for her single “Got Me Going Crazy” that grew to be a national radio and club anthem.

Proverb asked each contestant a few questions before they performed that were posted by fans on Facebook. They turned out to be very random questions but interesting.  I will list the questions and answers along with each performers song choice and voting numbers below:


First up was Freddie and his Facebook questions were:

Q: Would you ever cut your hair or wear it flat?
A: “No, I would never wear it flat”

Q: What was your weirdest experience backstage?
A: ”Dave locked us out once and I almost missed my performance!”

Freddie’s song choice this week was A Seven Nation Army by The White Strips .

To vote for Freddie, sms 04 to 37400.


Up next was Kelly with American Boy by Estelle and here are her Facebook questions:

Q: If you owned a country, what would you name it?
A: “If it is my country then why not Kellyville?”

Q: When the judges give you a negative comment, what do you think?
A: “I take it as inspiration for next week’s show”

To vote for Kelly, sms 12 to 37400.


Lefa rocked his performance with Miss Independent by Neyo. His Facebook questions and answers are as follows:

Q: You come across as such a gentleman, do you have a wild side?
A: No, I am a “Soet Kind”

Q: Are you single?
A: “Well ladies, I am single and you can text me on 05”

To vote for Lefa, sms 05 to 37400.


Dave had the stage in black and white with Hound Dog by Elvis Presley!

Facebook Q’s & A’s…

Q: Dave, what is the one thing you said you were going to do but have never done?
A: “I am going to try change the world one note and performance at a time”

Q: What is your worst habit?
A:  “My worst habit is that I can’t concentrate on anything but music”

To vote for Dave, sms 11 to 37400.


Mark’s Facebook questions…

Q: Those bra’s and panties from last week’s show… Did you keep them?
A: “No they were not the right colour for me and did not bring out my eyes”

Q: If you could be any other contestant, who would it be?
A “Dave, because he is so good looking”

His song choice this week was if I have you by Adam Lambert.

To vote for Mark, sms 08 to 37400.


Crushanda closed the show with Release Me by Agnes. Here are her Facebook Questions:

Q: What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you while performing?
A: “A couple of years back I broke a heel on stage and fell down.”

Q: Who is you current biggest competition?
A: “I would not say that there is a competition as we all winners”

To vote for Crushanda, sms 06 to 37400.

And that was it for a great show! Do not forget to vote! To vote, SMS your favourite Top 8 SA Idol’s number to 37400 (R1.50 per SMS. VAS rates apply. No free SMS’s) or vote on MXit.

I wish the SA Idols Top 6 all the best for Tuesdays results show!

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