Garden of Lights at Emperors Palace

It has become a tradition in my family to view the Garden of lights at Emperors Palace every Christmas time and this year was no different. Emperors Palace has displayed a magnificent displayplay of Christmas lights in the  Peermont D’oreale Grande hotel garden every December since 2007.

Last night my family and i attended the opening ceremony and were blown away with the beauty and festivities. There is tons of entertainment for children and of course Santa is there for pictures and to receive Christmas wish lists.

This year the lights were turned on my Olympic swimmer Roland Schoeman.  The atmosphere at Emperors Palace Garden of Lights is not to be missed!  The Garden of Lights is the perfect start to the merriment and cheer of Christmas and fills the air with the delightful laughter of young and old alike every festive season. Quite simply, it is the perfect way to get into the spirit of Christmas. “On the 20 December 2009, the Garden of Lights had a record number of people (8389) visit the garden, and we hope to better that number this year,” says Bob Yearham, COO for Emperors Palace. “Emperors Palace is thrilled to bring these wonderful lights to the public during the Festive season, and we hope that families from across Gauteng come and enjoy the spectacular this year!” The Garden of Lights ends on 2 January and entrance to the garden is free.

Some interesting stats:

  • The Garden of Lights has been running since 2007- this is the fourth Garden of Lights.
  • Christmas tree – 3160m rope light + another 436m on castle.
  • Fairy lighting approximately 4140m , including LED fairy lights.
  • Cabling – A total of 12000m in total.
  • It took a total of 9104 hours to set up the Garden of Lights display.
  • Number of guests to the Garden of lights: 2007 = 53453.  2008 = 104483 and 2009 = 123289

I have included a few pictures showing the festive atmosphere at Emperors Palaces Garden of Lights.

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